22 pictures that make you wanna go to the Algarve22 pictures that make you wanna go to the Algarve

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Summer vacations are planned in winter. So it is time to check all those summer destinations and to make a decision in between so many possibilities. Why don’t you stay in Europe and travel to Portugal and explore Lisbon and … Weiter

The 10 best PASTÉIS DE NATA in LisbonThe 10 best PASTÉIS DE NATA in Lisbon

I love Pastries, more than any other candy in this world. Cake, Croissants, Muffins, Brownies, you name it. So it is no wonder I had to get addicted to the famous portuguese egg tart pastry called Pastel de Nata (Plural … Weiter

Outjazz ’19- Free music festival in LisbonOutjazz ’19- Free music festival in Lisbon

I tell you know, between you and me, one main reason why I fell in love with Lisbon: It’s the music that is in the air and waiting for you around every corner. It is like the wind carries the … Weiter

5 best breakfast spots in Lisbon 5 best breakfast spots in Lisbon

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If you follow me for a while you probably know, that I’m a breakfast addict. Breakfast over every other meal. My post about the places in Munich is now the most read article on my blog, and now, that I … Weiter

Expat in Lisbon. N° VI: Tourist at homeExpat in Lisbon. N° VI: Tourist at home

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It’s been a while since my last post about my life here in Lisbon, but here it is, finally a new Column. After all those rainy weekends and a trip to Italy with my friends, spring hast finally arrived and … Weiter

Expat in Lisbon. N° V – Spring has arrivedExpat in Lisbon. N° V – Spring has arrived

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I feel really sorry writing this, with a sunburn in my face, while all of my family and friends at home have around -10°C, but – Spring has arrived in Portugal and it is glorious. I spent all weekend out … Weiter

Expat in Lisbon. N° IIIExpat in Lisbon. N° III

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There is no way for me to describe my feeling for this city. But weekends like this are reasons why I’m still here and its so damn hard to „finally“ say good bye. Lisbon makes me as happy as it … Weiter