Best day trip from Lisbon (Attention Nature lovers)Best day trip from Lisbon (Attention Nature lovers)

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During my last month in Portugal my head was full of ideas and dreams, what I still need to tick off my bucket list. Next to bad weather and the fact, that I had to pack 1,5 years into suitcases … Weiter

5 best breakfast spots in Lisbon 5 best breakfast spots in Lisbon

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If you follow me for a while you probably know, that I’m a breakfast addict. Breakfast over every other meal. My post about the places in Munich is now the most read article on my blog, and now, that I … Weiter

22 Fotos nach denen du sofort nach Lissabon willst 22 pics that make you wanna go to Lisbon NOW

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Es mag mittlerweile bekannt sein, dass ich in Lissabon wohne und für mich ist diese Stadt Europa’s schönste Stadt mit der besten Energie und einfach einem unglaublich aufregendem Vibe. Noch nie hat mich eine Stadt so in den Bann gezogen. … Weiter

Where to get Açai Bowls (and more) in LisbonWhere to get Açai Bowls (and more) in Lisbon

Açai is by far the most amazing food on this planet! If I need to live whit just one meal for the rest of my life it would be an Açai Bowl. It is not only super healthy but also … Weiter