Expat in Lisbon. N° VI: Tourist at home

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It’s been a while since my last post about my life here in Lisbon, but here it is, finally a new Column. After all those rainy weekends and a trip to Italy with my friends, spring hast finally arrived and gave us a weekend full of sunshine.
This weekend we played tourist in our own city again. Now that I have a safe date when I will leave Lisbon, it’s time to tick off the last To-Do’s on my list.

So Saturday we started with a good old breakfast at Fábrica dos Sabores in Saldanha. We went there with the city bikes „Gira“ and they have E-Bikes which is way to much fun. We found a new hobby ;) After breakfast we hopped on the bikes again and made our way towards Marquês de Pombal, where we changed into the bus to go to the „Aqueduto das Águas Livres“ which is a Aqueduct over Alcântara and with a nice view over the northern part of Lisbon. In 2018 the entrance is free on Saturday and Sunday. It’s 19 km long and was build to help for the water supply of the city. It even survived the earth quake 1755.

In 1830 a mass murder pushed his victims into their death, falling 65 meters deep, after he robbed them. In 7 years he killed 76 people. Luckily he got caught and beheaded. His head is now on display in a medical faculty.
But good for our generation now, it is open for public again and no mass murder in sight.

Afterwards we decided to stay on the „View“ train and walked to Amoreias, which is a shopping center with a terrace with a 360° view over Lisbon. It costs 5€.

We ended our Saturday with a visit to the best Steak House in Portugal, called „Atalho Real“, not only is the location bomb, but also the food is a dream. And don’t forget to finish with a super delicious dessert.

Sunday was Easter Sunday, which made our plans a little difficult since we didn’t expect that so many shops and sights were closed this day. We hopped first thing first, on our beloved E-Bikes again and tried to find a breakfast place. Well, we ended up buying pastry in a shop in the harbour, eating it at the bus station. The museum we planned to visit was closed as well. Another point on my list was the „Jardim Botânico da Ajuda“ which celebrated 250 years this year. Entrance fee is a small 2€. It’s a nice little walk with a great view.
We finished our afternoon with the best Pasteis de Belem, a walk along the water and a Mojito Passionfruit (best Cocktail) in LX Factory.

All in one it was a great weekend and I can’t wait to make my others just as exciting as this one, this country has way to much to offer and even though I live here already for 15 months and have 3 more to go, there is just way to much left to see and so many places, where one time is just not enough.

But as always, I leave the rest to the pictures of the easter weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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