Outjazz ’19- Free music festival in Lisbon

I tell you know, between you and me, one main reason why I fell in love with Lisbon: It’s the music that is in the air and waiting for you around every corner. It is like the wind carries the music and just creates an amazing vibe in this amazing city.
There are plenty of festivals, street artist, Jazz clubs, Fado restaurants, Live music bars and much more in Lisbon.
One of those festival is Outjazz and its completely free.
Startng in May you’ll find me there on as many Sundays as possible.

When I talk about the Outjazz my eyes are sparkling, my body opens up and my whole face is smiling. Everybody I tell about already gets hooked just by my expressions, my words and my body language.
The spirit is amazing and last year I managed to finish quite a lot weeks there.
Since this blog is here to help you having the best time possible wherever you go, here is my little Outjazz guide:

First of all: It’s free for everyone. They sell drinks and food there for good prices, they even have reusable cups you can buy for 1€ and bring to all the other Outjazzs you go or just to bring home to use it there (for example as measure cups, Like i do ;) )

Its location changes every month and is always in some public parks around the city.
They have a cleaning up team, which I love. They go around the festival all the time to make sure, no one leaves the trash.
On that note: Really guys, bring home what you brought to the festival. As soon as the trash gets picked up by the wind it can land everywhere.

But back to topic.
You are free to bring your own food and drinks, no one minds, what I also highly recommend. This fact gives all of this more of big picnic feeling.


When: Every Sunday starting at 5 pm.
What: There is a live band from 5pm – 6pm. Always a band that has an jazzy kind of style.
From 6pm – 8:30pm there is a DJ playing.
Where: as already said, it changes every month. Keep reading to see where it will happen over the summer.

Side note: To get you faster to the Fun I already linked the google maps location. Just click on the months location to get directed.

Where : Torre de Belém, Belém
How : Train (from Cais do Sodre) -> Belém, Bus (729), Tram (15E) -> Largo da Princesa
Good to know: Belém should be on your „Must-visit“ anyways, so why not going there on Sundays and enjoy a sunset next to one of Lisbon’s famous Sights. The Outjazz in Belém has also the most food options of them all, including Austrian Sausage, waffles, Sweet potatoes fries and a lot more.

Where: Jardim do Campo Grande
How: Metro (green) -> Campo Grande; Bus (701, 717, 731, 735, 736, 738, 755, 783, 750, 767)
Good to know: This was always my favorite since it is/was just around my corner. Also this park is a great little hide away, and I love how the Outjazz is located just next to the lake (and Mc Donald ;)).

Where: Jardim da Estrela
How: Metro (yellow) -> Rato (+ 15 min walk), Bus (709, 713, 720, 728, 773, 774), Tram (25E, 28E)
Good to know: It’s for sure on of the pretties parks in Lisbon. Perfect to hide away from the Summer heat. You can also easily combine this with a visit to Basílica da Estrela, which is impressive inside, but even better, you can visit the roof for 3€ and have a special view over town (secret tip).

Where: Ribeira das Naus
How: Metro (green) -> Cais do Sodre / (blue): Terreiro do Paço
Good to know: I can’t belive Outjazz is moving right into the city center, and than to one of my favorite places. So in August I’ll be back in town. There is already an amazing atmosphere at this place but I only can dream about how great it will be when Outjazz will find its place there.

Where: Parque da Bela Vista
How: Metro (rot) -> Bela Vista; Bus (755, 794)
Good to know: It’s been there 2017 and now it’ll be back. Loved it there since there are BBQ places around and a great view over the city.

So I hope you manage to visit one of those Outjazz and will enjoy them as much as I do.
If you are reading this off the year 2018, just check here where and when it will be and also for some updates and special events.

Do you want to know what else to do in Lisbon? Check my Top 10 things not miss.

Oh and the picture are not by me, all those are from the Outjazz photographers found on Facebook. My pictures are basically selfies or I was just to busy enjoying thank shooting. Sorry not sorry.

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