Expat in Lisbon. N° II

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I lost track on how often I showed around guests in Lisbon but I just can’t get fed up with it. It’s one of the greatest things to „play“ tourist in my city and see the city through the eyes of my guests. All of them are able to show me new stuff, every time. This city has just to much to offer, what shall I say.

So this weekend I had a friend of a friend over who’s first time it was in Lisbon and he was in Love right away. After the best brunch at „Nicolau“ in the center we took all day to stroll around Alfama and the Castle. It’s a pitty when guests just get to see a part of the town, but he was only here for one day, and he is Italian, you just can’t get them into a hurry ;) Anyways, he just has to come back one day, as they all do.

After a great dinner at my favorite „O Eurico“ we had a few drinks in Bairro Alto, which is just the most fun area in town to grab a beer and meet friends, or strangers. A few streets which all turn into one big party, sometimes I feel like I’m here for Erasmus, you just can’t escape ;)

And again I realized how amazing the group of people are I met here. Moving abroad and creating a total new friend base is something special. You all now it’s about the NOW because everybody is leaving somewhen so you hang out with people you really appreciate. And I think I just found a really amazing group of people, the group is growing and shrinking, all in one but everyone is special to me. <3

On Sunday I shot a video for something exciting. I’m not showing it to you (now) but here you can find a short take of it, basically me running through the town.
I’m wanna do a trip next weekend, so stay tuned what to do in Portugal.

Here are just a few shots of my favorite city and the little video:

(Pics are shot on my Iphone6, Video: GoPro Hero)

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