5 best breakfast spots in Lisbon

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If you follow me for a while you probably know, that I’m a breakfast addict. Breakfast over every other meal. My post about the places in Munich is now the most read article on my blog, and now, that I know Lisbon way better than my hometown Munich, it’s time for the best breakfast places in Lisbon. This will be a series of posts since there are just way to many great spots to have a nice breakfast or brunch in town. I don’t want to make this post full with over 20 cafes, so it will be split in a few, and I still have to try some, if they are really worthy to be featured on my blog. I already posted a blog post about places where to get Açai in Lisbon, so if you feel like that for breakfast, click here.

Açai bowls in Lisbon

So here are the first 5, which I also think are the best spots in total, including interior and menu, but to be fair, I love everything I feature here. So its now up to you to try and decide. Please remember that most of those places have few seats and the best in Lisbon is truly to go A) during the week and B) show up by opening time, which you can find on their homepages/instagram, which are linked on the name. Don’t waste to much time waiting in line, when there is a city as great as Lisbon waiting for you.


I already mentioned this cafe in previous posts, and every time somebody asks me for a great place to go, this is always the number one in my mind. Like really, it is just the best place, at least for me, to get breakfast and start the day right. Most options are healthy all I tried so far was fantastic. I love the bagel with salmon, the Açai bowl (of course), the scrambled eggs and the pancakes. But its a place full of options and no regrets, the only regret would be, not to come early enough, to not wait in line or to not come at all. By the way, they have breakfast all day and also healthy lunch options

Where: 17, Rua São Nicolau -> map

How: Metro: Rossio| Terreiro do Paço

Breakfast in Lisbon

Heim cafe

„Heim“ is German for „home“ and this little cafe a little outside just feels exactly like this. This cafe offers a few breakfast options which are perfect to bring you through a long day of walking and sightseeing and still feel energized after. Don’t hesitate to go for the waffles.

Where: Rua Santos-O-Velho, 2 e 4 -> map

How: Train: Santos

Breakfast in Lisbon_worldsessed.com

Pois Café

Ahh.. I love this cafe with its stone walls and books aligned on the wall, inviting to loose time and take a break. It’s more a cafe you stumble upon since it is a little hidden behind the Cathedral Sé, which should be on your „To-See“ list. The brunch is really more a brunch, including a soup, eggs and other great breakfast dishes. I loved the croissants so much, that we ordered two more. They also have some Austrian drinks on the menu if you feel like it ;)

Where: Rua de São João da Praça 93-95 -> map

How: Tram 28E

breakfast in Lisbon_worldsessed.com

Fábrica dos Sabores

This is a organic bakery off the beaten path, in a street far away from all the hustle and bustle. It’s most likely to always find a free spot here, because of its size and location, but it’s worth to take the detour. A cheap brunch, a nice cafe and good coffee. We didn’t try the waffles but they look like they are worth to come back.

Where: Avenida Defensores de Chaves 55 -> map

How: Metro: Saldanha

Breakfast in Lisbon_Worldsessed.com

Fauna & Flora

Come here for Opening hours, it’s new and its lit. This spot opened and was immediately on the Top of Spots To go in Lisbon. How they did it? They created an amazing interior, put a lot of „Hipster“ and Healthy Trend meals on the menu and every Influencer in town went there to shoot the perfect breakfast picture. And yet it is not only a great place for Instagram but also for your soul. The food looks good and tastes even better. A big like to the new Area of Instagram-Cafes!

Where: Rua da Esperança 33 -> map

How: Train: Santos // Tram: 25 // Bus: 714, 774 706, 727

Breakfast in Lisbon_Worldsessed.com

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Breakfast in Lisbon

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  1. jenny

    I am not normally a breakfast person, a glass of juice and a cup of tea, but after seeing this post, I now feel that I am really missing out.
    On my next trip to Lisbon, I will be trying brunch in a number of these cafes, thanks for sharing.
    If I get to try the waffles, i will let you know if they are as good as they look ;)

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