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So this is something new I’d love to start this year. As long as I’m still in Lisbon and I’ll have a nice weekend you will find it here on my blog, as sort of „diary“ or column, call it how ever you’d like, I just want to share my great times I have here, share it with family, friends and YOU! Because Lisbon is amazing, and every experience, story and picture that not written down and shared will slowly fade. So lets start with my first week in 2018.

06.01.2018, Saturday.

Places: Montana Cafe, Tease Café
So this week was super quite. I was sick and staying in bed (home from work) all week because of a lunge infection. To not overdue it, the weekend was also super low but I somehow had to get out so I went out for a coffee at Cais do Sodre. I just love this area, especially on a sunny day. We had a coffee at the Montana Café, sat outside and talked about dogs. Sitting there, in January, with a great cup of Cappuccino, the water one meter away and some nice conversations just make me appreciate Lisbon more and more.
Afterwards we headed to a place to get some crêpes but we stumbled upon another freaky café with great cakes and cupcakes so that was it. Sugar Dead, and that was pretty much my Saturday.

07.01.2018, Sunday.

Places: Deli Deluxe, Museu dos Azulejos

On Sundays they have mostly free Museums around the city. Some are only free on the first Sunday of the month, like the Tile Museum – „Museu Nacional do Azulejo“.

So our mission of the day was to get a great brunch down the harbour and a free entrance to the best Museum in town (if you ask me). This museum is full of inspiration if you are lacking, like really. I had thousands of ideas to style apartments, ideas of paintings, of photoshoots and just a head full gratitude to artist in every possible way.
My friends ended the day at the Praça by Martim Moniz but since its not smart to sit outside I went back home and finished my days with movie night with my roomies.

But let my pictures tell the whole story.
This weekend might not be the ideal one to start something fun like this, but the key to happiness is to appreciate the little things. So lets start small and just get big in the end ;)

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