Best day trip from Lisbon (Attention Nature lovers)

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During my last month in Portugal my head was full of ideas and dreams, what I still need to tick off my bucket list.
Next to bad weather and the fact, that I had to pack 1,5 years into suitcases and say goodbye to everything and everyone I stressed out.
So, I threw my list away. I walked my favorite streets again and again, visited my favorite beach and had breakfast at the best cafés, but there was one thing, I just couldn’t let go of:
I wanted to go to Praia da Ursa, which is a beach north of Lisbon.

So, I packed my backpack, charged my camera and hopped onto the train.

Arriving in Cabo da Roca is already always a highlight for me. I love cliffs and the endless ocean, nothing calms me more than views like that.

I loved everything about this day trip.

I went there alone which was ideal for calming my mind surrounded with the ocean and pure nature, I also got to meet some people along the way and at the beach.
If you have a free day on your hand I truly can recommend you this trip. You can start the day with a breakfast or end with a sunset beer in famous beach town Cascais, check out the most western European spot, have a hike and lay at the beach to catch some sun, sounds like the perfect day trip to me :)

How to get there

Take the Train from Lisbon- Cais do Sodre to the end station Cascais.
From there you will need take a bus to Cabo da Roca. You will find the bus under the shopping mall behind the train station. Take bus 403 to Cabo da Roca (You can buy the ticket directly on the bus).

When you arrive at Cabo da Roca your direction is on the right side when you face the ocean, towards North. (But first check out the amazing Cabo da Roca)
To get on the trail you must walk a little on the street (away from the parking), until you see the little paths leading north and towards the cliffs.
And then your only job is follow those small dirt paths, along flower fields, sights of endless ocean over to green.

It is really that beautiful.

If you always go along you should come to a part where you have to go down. This is the part which can get „dangerous“ when it was raining before since it is very loose, which also explains why you need good shoes, especially when you realize you have to climb back up.

But don’t worry, you can handle it, and as reward you have an amazing beach, with just a few other adventurer and nature lover.

If you have enough time you can also keep walking towards north, at some point you’ll reach Praia da Adraga or more north Praia da Grande, which are more popular and also have a little restaurant beachside.

What to know

Don’t go there when it rained before, bring snacks and enough drinks, wear closed shoes
If it is hot, wear a hat and bring sun lotion, there is no shade at all.
Bring your picnic and bikini and enjoy it.

Let me inspire you a little more with some pictures:

This is the way to go down

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Day Trip Lisbon,Portugal

Day Trip Lisbon,Portugal

This is the way to go down

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  1. Aliz

    Loved this post :) Just what I needed because I’ll travel to Lisbon next week with my boyfriend and we were planning to visit Cabo da Roca and these beautiful beaches. Thanks for the tips and I love your photos :)

    • worldsessed

      Thank you for your feedback. You will love Lisbon. Its the best place in Europe ;) Have fun.

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