Expat in Lisbon. N° IV

Wow, when I started this „Expat in Lisbon“ Column, I didn’t expect me to write so religious every Sunday about my weekend, and never did I expect to find so „many“ readers. But the weather is awesome and the time is ticking so I just don’t feel like doing nothing, even thou this weekend was pretty slow it still owns a place here in this column. Next weekend will be something else up here, since I’ll be in Paris by that time, with no Laptop!

Since I had to work on Saturday, not more than a walk around town, a visit to the gym and a long cooked meal happened. While my friends danced through the bars of Lisbon, I fell asleep with a book on my face, gotta love nights like this. Hi to all the Introverts out there! I even cooked with my headphones in, while my flat mate did the same. Some people which just met me, might not think about me as an Introvert, but yes, I love being in my own little space, alone, left with my thoughts, dreams and books as much as I love meeting new friends and dancing in crowded bars.

Sunday was time to go for a great brunch at the prettiest and newest cafe in Lisbon- „Fauna & Flora“ and we took a walk around a „famous“ and „pretty“ cemetery – Cemitério dos Prazeres. Which actually means, Cemetery of happiness. But no, people didn’t celebrate death awkwardly, the field/place was called like that long before the cemetery took place in 1833. Since a lot of famous and rich people found there last peace there, you’ll find some impressive graves. You will nowhere else find as much peace and calmness as at a place like this, and than its just so weirdly pretty and has a great view. So put this cemetery on your list for a Sunday walk. Check my the pictures now if you think I’m totally crazy. Oh and not to forget to mention, that I finished my day with French Crêpe at a friends place. Gotta love weekends.

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