The 10 best PASTÉIS DE NATA in Lisbon

I love Pastries, more than any other candy in this world. Cake, Croissants, Muffins, Brownies, you name it. So it is no wonder I had to get addicted to the famous portuguese egg tart pastry called Pastel de Nata (Plural is Pastéis de Nata).
In my first few weeks I managed to eat at least two everyday. I kinda had to stop this habit when my pants started to get tight but I still can not get away from them.

So no wonder I did a little research where to find the best ones.
So there they are, my favorites. I found some of these in the world wide web, tried them and thought they were awesome and some are just obvious I had to try and love.

Ok first of all the background of the best pastry in the world:

Pastéis were founded by monks before the 18th century at the Jerónimos Monastery. It is basically a cream of sugar, yolk, flour and milk surrounded by puff pastry. You can eat them with powdered sugar or cinnamon on top. The monastery got closed 1834, so the monks sold the recipe to a sugar factory, which created the „Casa Pastéis de Belém“ which is still running to date. Once a year there is a contest in Lisbon for the best Pastéis de Nata, where those are not contributing, because they claim not to sell an average Pastel, but something slightly different.

OK ok but know it is really time to reveal the best of the best. Are you ready? So keep reading.

One thing left: To make your sugar coma come faster, I already linked the google maps location to each place, just click on the street and let google do the rest, kind of.

1. Pasteis de Belém

Where: Rua de Belém 84-92
Note on that one, it’s defenitely one of my favorite. Don’t back up because of the line, they are crazy fast in there so you just spend a few minutes in line. You gotta earn those delicious tarts. And those are THE Original Pastéis.

2. Fábrica da Nata

Where: Praça dos Restauradores, nº 62-68 // Rua Augusta, nº 275 A
It is so hard to say, but those are pretty awesome as well. So I would put them under my top 3. But to be honest, all of them are my Top 10, so it is kinda hard to decide which ones are the best of the best. I like that one because it also has enough space to sit down and really enjoy those pieces of heaven.

3. Nata Lisboa

Where: Rua de Sta. Cruz do Castelo 7, Castelo
This one is not only famous in Lisbon, but all around the world. See here, if there is one near to where you live. It is worth a visit. Here in Lisbon, it is located right next to the castle. So a perfect why not Take some with you and enjoy them with the best view over Lisbon?

4. Manteigaria

Where: Rua do Loreto, nº 2, Bairro Alto // Time Out Market Lisboa, Av. 24 de Julho 49
Those are the favorites of a lot of my friends. They are a little sweeter than others, and let me tell you, once a Pastelaria ONLY makes Pastéis, they are always awesome, because they will still be warm, all day long. And nothing beats a fresh and warm Pastel.

5. Aloma

Where: Rua Francisco Metrass 67, Campo de Ourique
Those are not only located all around in the city, but also at the airport. Which makes either your Start super sweet, or your goodbye bitte sweet. I mean, who says its easy, leaving the place of Pastéis de Nata.

6. Pastelaria Cristal

Where: Rua Buenos Aires 25A, Lapa
I found this one on google and when I went there I was like, ok that’s „just“ a normal small Pastelaria on a side street, probably not gonna end up in my TOP 10. Well, How stupid was I. This one are awesome and they won a few times the Award for the best Pastels. They also have a little different taste which I love.

7. Confeitaria Nacional

Where: Praça da Figueira 18 B
This one is already worth a visit because of the interior. I love those old little „coffee“ shops. But we just came here for Pastéis, right? ;)

8. Pastelaria Alcôa

Where: Rua Garrett 37
Somehow this little Pastelaria has the best spot in the city but barley a waiting line. Not to mention that the Pastel de Nata is awesome but you might consider taking not JUST a Pastel but also one of all the other heavenly looking treats.

9. Pastelaria Versailles

Where: Avenida da República 15-A, Saldanha
Oh gosh, I love how super crispy they are on the outside, but not too hard or dry. It had to be one of my favorites. And feeling like eating Pastry in Paris is always a Plus.

10. Pastelaria Tim-Tim

Where: Avenida 5 de Outubro 113, Saldanha
This is a special one. If you are like me, and I’m sure you are because you just read all the way to the end of „TOP 10 Pastéis de Nata“ without getting bored, than you love Nutella on a warm toast. And now imagine Nutella in a Pastel de Nata. It’s something else, it’s a feast in your mouth. Don’t believe me? Go try it and than please report back to me how you like it.

So those are my TOP 10 in Lisbon, but you can find them everywhere. Like really. And everyone tells you they have the best. But those are the ones I would go again and again and oh yeah again.

Did you also realize how often I mentioned the words „Pastel“, „Pastéis“ and „pastry“. Read the text out loud and have a shot every time its mentioned, a Licor 35 – Creme de Pastel de Nata. Can it get any better?

If you find your best Pastel (there it is again) in the city, and I didn’t mention it, please let me know in the comments. I’m more than happy to try and give my vote.

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Pastel de Nata in Lisbon

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