Expat in Lisbon. N° V – Spring has arrived

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I feel really sorry writing this, with a sunburn in my face, while all of my family and friends at home have around -10°C, but – Spring has arrived in Portugal and it is glorious.
I spent all weekend out in the sun and on the beach.

Well this time I should start with Thursday where we had drinks at the Harbour near my work and watched the sunset, just need to share some pics of that. Saturday was finally my day alone.
I needed this so badly but somehow you always end up hanging out with friends ;)
So on Saturday I hoped into the bus and finally went to the Palace I wanted to see for so long and it was so worth it. It’s the Nacional Palace in Mafra and it is the biggest Palace and Monastery in Portugal, and the Architect was a german guy ;). It’s only 50 mins away with the bus from Lisbon. Entrance fee is 6 € but the whole Palace is an art piece and the for book worms like me: the library is a dream.
Only 15 mins away from the Palace is my favorite town, after Lisbon of course, Ericeira. This little beach town is all I need. Its a surfer town, with white blue houses, amazing beaches, bars and restaurants, cuter surfer dudes and a very special Vibe. I just love it there. So I usually went there to surf so I never brought my camera, but this time I was not surfing and finally took some pictures of this cute town. I also found a little „secret trail“ so I watched the sunset all by myself surrounded by the sound of the waves and the ocean around me. I just love the Ocean and being alone, also my phone died pretty early so it was really amazing being offline.

Sunday was another beach day and we finally went to Costa da Caperica again. Another super amazing beach near Lisbon. In the bus we already met a friend so instead of reading it turned into a little get together with some colleagues and watching others surfing. I love when you meet people in random places. It just makes you feel so much more home here. We also took a walk along the beach to the cutest houses you can get. Those little beach houses are a dream and you can rent them (some are on airbnb but always fully booked super early).

I hope you guys have all an amazing week (and weekend) ahead. I will celebrate my birthday on Saturday, but we have rain all week, so pretty calm days ahead. But I like those too.

But now, time for pictures..

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