10 Dinge die du in KAPSTADT nicht verpassen darfst

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Cape town is one amazing city which I already can’t wait to return to.

I stayed there with a friend for six days right in the middle of colorful Boo Kap.

We managed to do and see a lot in these days but it still was not enough.

But if you also just have a few days to explore this amazing city, here are 10 things you CAN’T Miss in Capetown.

1. Table Mountain:

Like siriously how bad am I to tell the best right at the beginning but in case you stop reading I want you to at least see that. Of course it is a Must in every travel guide and you can’t miss it when in Capetown but I REALLY want you to go UP there and spent a FEW HOURS up there right before the sun sets. This place is one of the most amazing places I have been and if I just had known before how huge and amazing it is I wouldn’t came up that late. Check the time here of the last gondola and than head up there and take a huge walk and just enjoy this place.

Capetown T1-9

2. V & A Waterfront:

This place is the place where to be at night. You will find here a huge mall, a few cute shops, a lot of great restaurants and during the day as well as night an amazing atmosphere. It reminded us a lot of Pier 39 in San Francisco.


3. Camps Bay:

Camps Bay is magical. The Beach is heaven. As Backdrop you have the table mountain Lions Head and  a lot of palm trees. You can also get great food there. It is definitely a must to spend a few hours there and the best would be to spend them in a Bikini or Boardshorts on the beach. If you have a car you can also go up a litte North to Clifton Beach which is perfect for just beach time since there is not a lot more but great beaches.

Capetown T1-3

4. Boo Kap:

This place is so cool, it has to be on your list. I’m sure you have seen a picture of it before. It is basically a part of Capetown with little colorful houses. It is so vibrant and fun there you can’t help but smile seeing them. We stayed in the yellow house right in the middle and every morning we could watch the Asian come by via Bus and take pictures of the houses (and us watching). It is also great for a few new portraits. Who doesn’t want a colorful profile picture? ;)

Capetown T1

Capetown T4-7

5. False Bay:

Get a car and start driving. It is a fantastic route and you’ll see a lot what Capetown is famous for. Stop at Bouldes Beach to watch the penguins – the entrance is so worth it and you can also talk a walk north and see some under the path or go to a beach to swim with them (for 35R I guess). Enjoy amazing views at Cape of Good Hope and take some relaxe time at Muizenberg Beach.

Capetown T4-19

Capetown T4

6. Take a Stroll on Long and StGeorges Mall:

Long Street is full of Second-Hand Shops, Great Boutiques and Restraurants. If you are looking for Instafriendly cafes, you’ll find them there. One Cafe is greater than the other. If you are up for a Smoothie definitely go to Orchard on Long. I had the Smoothie EVER there (Hullabaloo). If you are ready with Long Street keep on going to St. Georges Mall. It s a pedestrian zone with a lot of trees, musician, little shops on the street and reminds a little of Barcelonas Las Ramblas.

Capetown T2-3

7. Robben Island:

If you are into history and always wanted to see where Nelson Mandela was in Prison you have to go there. You can ONLY go there with a tour. You go there by boat and then they pick you up with the bus and will drive you around and tell all kind of history stuff. They make a stop with an great view over Capetown and I’m sure you’ll love it. After the bus tour you get a tour through the prison made by former prisoners. Unfortunaltey our Tour guide didn’t talk that clearly so we didn’t understand a lot but it was still a great experience. Afterwards you have free time until the boat leaves. If you take the last tour you’ll probably get to experience an AMAZING Sunset over the Ocean.Capetown T3-6

8. Rent a Car:

You will feel free and you can go anywhere. If you just stay in Capetown and don’t plan to go somewhere else than still get a car for at least a day. There are so many places which are hard to reach with out your own wheels. AND driving on the right side already feels like an adventure.


9. Vineyards :

If you have a car it is super easy to go to the vineyards around Capetown. Stellenbosch is one of the most famous towns for wine and it is a super cute town and worth to visit to take a stroll. The Vineyards around the town are super impressive and great to enjoy a afternoon. If you want to drive a little longer and go somewhere „unknown“ than drive towards Montague. This area is famous for good wine in South Africa and for sure worth the drive. If we just knew how great it is there we would have stayed there overnight. I sure can recommend this area.

South Africa T6-7

South Africa T6-3

10. Be Safe:

Last thing: I heard it a few 100 times before we flew and I always reacted like I always do: We will see how it really is. People are overacting. But South Africa is not only „overacting“. It is know as being „dangerous“ and you should not forget that. You’ll find the streets at night empty. Take a cap at night (super cheap) and don’t walk alone when it is dark. Park your car in a safe street with guards and lock your doors at night. I feel sorry to put that on my list but I want you to be safe and I did not feel safe at night on the streets. The people are some of the friendliest and open-minded I know and I didn’t feel unsafe during the day, not a second. So enjoy the City to the fullest, just try to be safe at night. Caps are cheap.

Capetown T2

I hope this guide will help you to explore this amazing city. We took a Hop-on Hopp-Off bus which is easy to get from A to B.

Let me know in the comments below if you have something to add.


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