Where to get Açai Bowls (and more) in Lisbon

Açai is by far the most amazing food on this planet!

If I need to live whit just one meal for the rest of my life it would be an Açai Bowl.

It is not only super healthy but also super amazing delicious. So this blog post is pretty special to me.

Of course I had to check the whole city for Açai bowls. When I arrived a year ago I thought: „Probably not gonna get Açai for the next year“ but ha… How less did I know. Lisbon is the most trendy, hipster and coolest city in Europe, so of course Açai already arrived here.

So here is your little guide where to get them, and don’t worry, all of them have other options and great breakfast, coffee and juices as well.


I love this place so much and you will for sure see it appear more often on my blog and instagram. The food is just too delicious, but the most important thing: They have an Açai Bowl that tastes heavenly. Also the interior is amazing, I mean, they have a palm leaf wallpaper and an old-fashioned record player, so what not to love about that? I must say, it’s my favorite brunch spot so far in town.

Where: Rua São Nicolau 17, 1100-026 Lisboa
When: Mo-Sun 9- 21h
How: Metro: Rossio or Baixa-Chiado


This place opened up 2017 and is pretty small but the bowls they have are amazing. And again: The interior can not get better, I mean: Concrete walls? Yes please.

Where: Rua Nova do Carvalho 72, 1200-371 Lisboa
When: Mo – Fr 9-18 h / Sa & Su 11- 19:30 h
How: Metro: Cais do Sodre // Bus: Rua de São Paulo (714, 744)

Friendly Flamingo

Cool Cafe a little outside the center but the interior and food are super worth to check it out! They have also a Sunday „all you can eat“ brunch and enough space to bring all your friends.

Where: Rua 4 de Infantaria 3A, 1350-134 Lisboa
When: Tuesday – Sunday 10- 20 Uhr
How: Metro: Rato // Tram: 25 & 28 // Bus: 709 & 774

Açai 21


This is not one of all those fancy Hipster restaurants but has the best and cheapest Açai bowl and some more vegan meals.

Grab a bowl to go on the way to hustle through Alfama.

Where: Rua dos Fanqueiros 180/02, 1100-232 Lisboa
When: Mo – Sun 8 – 22 h
How: Metro: Rossio or Terreiro do Paço

Dear Breakfast

Another pretty new Location. I love the minimalism and fancy design and the fact they have Açai makes me come again and again. They also have open walls, so you can sit inside but get the fresh air from the outside.

Where: R. Gaivotas 17, 1200-649 Lisboa
When: Tue – Fr: 9- 16 / Sa – Su 9- 17 h
How: Metro: Cais do Sodre // Tram 28 or 25 // Bus 714 774

Fauna & Flora

Ok this one just opened recently and is probably the prettiest cafe in town, hence to the long lines, but not so if you come early, best when they open up at 10am.

Where: Rua da Esperança 33, 1200-655 Lisboa
When: Tu- Sa 10- 20 / Su 10 -17
How: Train: Santos // Tram: 25 // Bus: 714, 774 706, 727

Brooklyn Lisboa

This is a little hidden gem I stumbled upon my walks around the city. It’s in a quiet corner filled with locals, invites to day dreams and enjoy the calmness, away from the bursting Avenida da Liberadade. And they now also have Açai bowls, besides some good coffee, which personally had not had yet.

Where: Praça Alegria Nr. 35-36-37, Lisboa, 1250 Lisboa
When: Mo -Sa 9 – 20 h
How: Metro: Avenida

Hello Kristof

This is home to all the entrepreneurs and remotely workers. It only opens the doors on weekdays Monday to Friday and is filled with laptops and escapers but you’ll always find a spot to grab a nice Açai.

Where: Rua do Poço dos Negros 103, 1200 Lisboa
When: Mo – Fr 9 – 18 h
How: How: Metro: Cais do Sodre // Tram 28 or 25 // Bus 714, 774


Another newbie in Town. Opend up by an Australian girl who lives here for already quite some years. The location is top and located right next to the „We love f***** tourist“-Hostel, which I can highly recommend.
I must say, the Açai is good, but the rest looks pretty damn good as well.

Where: Rua dos Fanqueiros 269, 1100-232 Lisboa
When: Tue – Sun 9 – 19 Uhr
How: MEtro Rossio

Dona Laranja

Grab a Açai bowl right at the waterfront in between your walk and sit next to the water and enjoy fresh orange juice and the best meal. It also offers you the best view over the Bridge.

Where: Along the Water front between
When: during daylight ;)
How: Train: Alcântara or Belem

Also there are many more stores coming that include Açai bowls on their menus, so just keep your eyes open for the „We have Açai“ sign. At the place in Martim Moniz and in Alvalade for example have I spotted those signs.
And I’m pretty sure in the moment I’m writing there are two more people thinking about opening a hipster cafe in Lisbon putting Açai on the Menu.
Tell me, are you as Açai addicted as I’m or have you even tried it yet? There is just a handful people who don’t like it, and thats ok, because this way: More for us.

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