10 perfect spots to see the Eiffel tower best

Seeing the Eiffel tower makes you realize: „I’m in Paris“. Paris would be incredible without the Eiffel Tower but somehow this metal tower starts some special feelings in us.

I’m sure people cried when they saw it, just because some dreams came true and some started to realize.
I also think it is not only an emblem for France but also got a little unspoken symbol for Love. Why else would couples suddenly feel the urge to kiss in front of an TV- and Radio Tower ;)
It is for sure a incredible building and a fascination in itself.
So of course everyone is hunting for the best spot to just admire it. It’s actually not that hard, because you can see it from a lot of different angles, but here are some of THE best spots for pictures and a little dreaming.

Arc de Triomphe

Probably the best spot to just see it, blended in its hometown, surrounded by pretty streets and french houses. You just can’t go to Paris without climbing up the stairs of the Arc. And don’t forget to enjoy the views 360°, its pretty all around.

Trocadéro & Champ de Mars

Those are the two best spots around closest to the tower to admire it. Trocadéro is home to the famous carousel, always pictured with the Eiffel tower in the back. If you show up early your lucky to get a picture without a lot people. Trocadéro is the spot where the bus tours stop for a quick picture.
Champ de Mars is the park on the other side of the tower. If the weather is inviting why not resting a bit on the green field and enjoy the view.

Notre Dame

This church is the other most famous building in Paris and from this stunning building you are able to see a lot of Paris and its famous tower. The church itself is free but you must buy tickets if you wanna climb the to the home of Quasimodo and his friends.

Pont Alexandre III

It is the prettiest bridge in Paris and has another amazing view to the metal Mister Eiffel. It is a great spot to capture the towns landmark.

Montparnasse tower

Yet another tower giving its best showing you the whole town. I have not been up there but the pictures during sunrise look pretty damn nice.

Rue de l’Université & Rue Saint-Dominique

Ever wondered where all those instagram pictures with the pretty streets, no people and the tower in the back were created? Well look no longer, here is a little Secret of all the instagram stars out there. If you start from Rue Saint Dominique you will get a glimpse of it, hiding behind the houses looking pretty magical. Look for O’Brien’s in 77 Rue Saint-Dominique, that’s the Irish pub on my picture, looking perfectly in place if you ask me. If you take the next parallel street to your right (facing the tower) you’ll end up in Rue de l’Université, follow it until the end. There it is: The picture Spot! Thank me later.

Avenue de Camoëns

Another spot I have not been because I only found it AFTER my trip while I still searched Paris pictures to keep escaping. From there you have, according to the incredible beautiful pictures, another very perfect and magical view.

Printemps Haussmann & Galeries Lafayette

Here is yet to another little secret. Those two shopping malls are connected. Printemps has a fancy food hall floor in the „Mens-Building“ on the 8th floor where you can sit outside and have the best (free) view over Paris. Than on the 8th floor of the Galeries Lafayette you’ll have another cafe with an magical view over Paris. This is also the terrace where the first plane landed on a roof in a big city.

So, there you go, just spilled my best secrets of Paris. Let me know if you visited one of those spots after reading my list. I would love to know. If you find some other amazing spots let me know in the comments.
And now have a wonderful, marvelous trip to Paris and enjoy the city of love and lights.


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