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So the first months are gone and what have you achieved so far?
Ok, New Year’s resolutions always start a discussion. Some people love them, some hate them. I say it is  great to set goals, and it is even better when you have a time schedule for that. So looking back at the end of the year and see what you have achieved is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Resolutions are there to help you get to your dream closer and be a better self every day, not someone else, but a better YOU.

My Resolutions for this year are more meditating, learn how to braid hair, run 10k, travel more and learn one language „fluently“ (since I live in Portugal right now it’ll be its language).

You can set new goals and achievements everyday, so far away from the New Years resolutions, here are some „All-Year-Long-Resolution-Ideas“ that every traveler, and not traveler, should do and will also help with your travels.

Let me know in comments what your resolutions are and if you like my ideas. But now, lets make every day the best day ever.

I. Learn a new language

This is one of the best rewards you can give yourself this year. It might take you a while but we all are always so busy, and when we are not busy we are lazy so its not common to use our brain proper anymore. Learning for us got so difficult and complicated, that’s why we have to start again. And how better than to learn a new language. That moment you understand another person in a metro, traveling and being able to make a conservation or archiving new skills will make you way more confident. If you learn for example Spanish you have so many places to go and practice and you can even understand some bits and pieces in Italian and Portuguese, and even French. Or why not learning something more uncommon? Just because you will feel a little more special than others :)

II. Visit that place you wanted to go for so long

We all have a list with places we really wanna go. But somehow we always decide to go somewhere else. The trips are cheaper, easier, more common, perfect for beach vacation. Often it is really our laziness, the fear of something new or we try to keep the dream alive, but how more alive is it, when we finally ride that train, see that animal in real life, visit the dream beach or experience that special culture, the thing you always dreamed about? So cancel your easy, well-known places and plan that BIG trip you always wanted to do! And if no one wants to come? Go alone.

III. Explore your own Neighborhood /Go Hiking

Another thing we tend to forget is the place we call home. Do you know all the cool museums in your city? Have you been to that castle you send every tourist too? Did you take that hike, everyone talks about? There is so much to explore. Get out and walk those unknown streets. Jump in the car and turn left instead right. Everyplace has magic to offer. Time to find it. There is no reason to stay at home, just because you don’t have time to travel far. Adventure also awaits at home.

IV. Get rid of half of your stuff (and learn how to travel light)

Something I did last year and you get addicted to, once started. We ALL have WAY too much stuff. It is time to get rid of three quarters of it. We really don’t need it. And believe me, once your closet is filled with only pieces you truly love you’ll have barely problems to travel lighter. It’s also great for cleaning up, because everything suddenly has its own space. You will transfer this habit into your whole life. I always used to bring a huge purse filled with everything we might need. And now? I don’t bring a purse anymore, at all. I love my clean space and empty shelfs. And shopping is something I barley do anymore and miss, well sometimes I do ;)
A book that helped me a lot is „The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“.

V. Safe up some money

This year will be the year where you FINALLY get that money by the side. You don’t need that daily Starbucks coffee, you can invite your friends over for dinner, visit all the free events, drink beer instead of cocktails, and no, shopping got so uninteresting since you did IV. Life with less money and you will see your world different and at the end of the year you can finally get onto the plane for II.

VI. Work out and Eat good

So this is the one thing, probably every uses as new years resolution. But why is it so good? It is time to get energized and fit. When you travel you don’t wanna feel hungover from food, be tired all the time and barely able to take the hike to the most amazing view. Its also not pleasant to sleep until noon, not while traveling but also not at home. Working out on a regular basis and filling your body with nutrients it actually needs will make your life so much easier. It’s not about that summer body, its about the Person inside that body, the mind and the soul.

VII. Get those pictures finally in a album

There are thousands and thousands of pictures on our Phones, PC’S and hard drives we even forget about so its time to get those albums done about your trips, your best parties, greatest memories. Have you ever looked through the albums of your parents? Don’t you wanna be able to show your life to your kids like that, or at least your friends?
Are you not annoyed that the only likes the picture got were on social media networks and not on your couch while you talked with friends and family about those pictures, in real? Nowadays there are so many ideas and possibilities to create an amazing album full of memories. And this is something I have to do. Since the pictures got digital I haven’t done any album, filled with many memories, inviting me to go back to amazing times.

VIII. Move abroad

Is that not a little bit to spontaneous, it takes a lot planning. Really? You think so? I applied very out of my mind for a job in Lisbon and they asked me if I could show up 4 weeks later. Apply NOW for that semester in fall in London. Go look for a internship in Italy. Learn a new language in Mexiko for 2 months or start a job in Lisbon too. There are so many opportunities. I was in the states as an Au-Pair for 19 months, and now I work for a call center in Lisbon. It’s never as hard as it sounds if you really get your a** moving.

IX. Find foreigner people and let them tell you their stories

Do your friends all speak your language and live the same life as you do? Did you ever wonder how People in Costa Rica live? How is it to be a Buddhist? Is it really that cold in Russia? How do they say Good night in Finnland? Expats are everywhere. I have friends from all over the world. How i met them? I stay in Hostels, I’m open minded, I travel alone, I moved abroad. I wanted to meet friends of friends. And even if you start a friendship over the internet. It’s something so amazing to hear about other cultures all over the world. One of my best friends is from Taiwan. I daily hang out with people from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Azerbaijan and more. I visited my friends in Denmark, I plan trips to Rio and Tel Aviv to meet old friends. And what am I doing with them? We talk about cultures and habits from the places everyone is home. This is just so much more interesting than any show you’ll find on Netfilx.

X. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and Life in the moment

This is something you should really do every year, and now I don’t mean a place in your area. Jump in that car and take a road trip to Prague, drive along the coast in Spain, visit Columbia, Fly over seas, visit a national park. Visit a place every year which is new to you and than enjoy every single moment of it. Life it. Take it all in. Learn new things and grow. You will thank yourself later about that. Trust me.

So thats it, some ideas from me I try to do every year.
Let me know if they look like any of your goals and tell me what yours are, I would love to read the comments.

And now have another few wonderful months in 2018.

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