Middle East Heaven: The Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

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Eleven days South Africa. Four Hotels. Over 900km in the car and time times more Impressions and experiences. We already knew this was coming so we decided to change from a five hour layover in Dubai, to a 55 hour layover. Just to get the possibility to calm down, relaxe and enjoy the sun. Like I already mentioned a few times before, I love to mix Low budget traveling with a little (lot) Luxury.

But being already relaxed on the first like after a week of beach vacation, it due to the Anantara Hotel on the famous palm in Dubai.

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Unfortunately we screwed the booking and booked only one night (we needed two) on the wrong date and the hotel was fair enough to at least change the date, but the second night was already fully booked. But we were offered to enjoy the whole second day in the Hotel and even got an late Check-Out.

We came straight from the Airport, which takes about 45 minutes, after a 12 hour trip and didn’t feel like guests of a five-star Hotel. Because of this we didn’t expect the heartily welcome when we checked in. It was amazing.

Never felt I so welcome at a Hotel like here. The Hotel has an very authentic Thai-Theme and even the woman on the entrance makes you escape into an little Thai experience in the middle of Middle East.

While sipping on our welcome drink the Receptionist, which I would love to have as a friend, told us about our Upgrade and how much we will love the room. A room right at the lagoon.

Even though the official check in is at 3pm we got to already check in at noon.

After driving there with our little Golf Buggy we finally arrived in our own little dream room. With a view over the Pool lagoon, bigger than someones flat and with my name on the TV.

The moment the Luggage Boy closed the door behind us, we couldn’t hide our excitement, we screamed, ran around like crazy, took pictures and filmed everything.

We were already super lucky the whole trip (and had a knack) for the hotel rooms but this one felt immediately like home.

Dubai T2 klein-16

Dubai T1-16


Like you already guessed, the rooms were perfect. Our Room was right on the lagoon with a view over the lagoon pool. Below our rooms was a room with a direct entrance to the pool. Off the terrace into the pool. We had a huge bathroom with shower and bath tube, Mini bar with coffee and tea, dressing room and my favorite place was the couch in the corner of the windows. The room boys brought constantly fresh free water.

If you want it more extravagant you can get a villa right on the beach or even better, a Over-Water-Villa, the ones you now from the Maldives, by the way, these are the only ones of this kind in the Middle East.

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You get towels on the private beach, fresh cut fruit at noon and free ice cream on the afternoon. The water has for all that heat still and fresh feeling. You can be super lazy on the beach and do nothing or you can rent a SUP-Board, a Paddleboat or play beach volleyball. You can order your cocktails and food right to your beach lounger. We order two times fresh fruit which was awesome but also had its pice, this way we paid almost 30€ for a Watermelon.

The SPA and the Gym have everything you need, and more including a turkish Hamam.

If you enjoy swimming as a workout you can use the long Pool between the lagoon apartments and will be almost alone there. If you just like to relaxe in the pool you can choose the main pool, including a pool bar.

The hotel owns a few restaurants. We only tried the “Beachhouse” which won with it located right at the beach. But the prices where higher than average, just like in any other restaurant on the palm. Feels like you are on a lonely island with just one hotel ;)

Dubai T1-30Dubai T1-3

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The breakfast was for me, as an super crazy breakfast freak like a dream. I was so overwhelmed by the big offer they had, that I felt like a kid in the candy shop. It started with healthy juice shoots at the entrance to the buffet. They even had a view choices with gluten free food – the brownies are heaven.

They really have everything what the heart wants. Freshly made pancakes and crepes, all kinds of eggs, fresh fruit and juices, Pastries, Yoghurt, rice pudding and so on… My highlight was the Acai juice listed on the menu. I ordered it twice. Man how I love Acai.

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I’m not sure if I ever got to experience such a nice, friendly, welcoming and especially competent stuff like the Anantara has it. I didn’t feel one second queasy or unwelcome. The Service alone owns the five stars. It already begins at the Welcome at the entrance, to the waiter at the breakfast to the towel boys at the beach. And when we asked for the Hotels beach bags we even got to – for free. Yes the stuff definitely owns the 5-Stars.

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We would come back immediately. Of course it has its price, but it was so worth it. Even if you just stay for two nights you are able to completely calm down and forget about everything else. These two nights were perfect for me to relax and be calm. I also loved the fact that there are “two” worlds getting together. The ones that can afford it easily and the ones that try afford it. You don’t have the feeling you don’t ti in here and don’t get checked out. If there is one negative aspect its the prices you have to pay next to the accommodation price, like food on the beach and in the restaurants. But you are living on an “Island” with just hotels on it and have the dream location. It has its price for sure.

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Web: www.anantara.com

Book via booking.com

My opinion is as always my own, especially because we payed for the hotel ;) 
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