Resort dream: ANANTARA Mui Ne Spa & Resort

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I already stayed at the Anantara The Palm in Dubai and it felt like paradise back there, but checking in at the Anantara in Mui Ne in Vietnam was unreal. Along the coast the Anantara stands for luxurious Relaxing. And yes, this is what it is about. Luxury relaxing.



We came too early so the room was not ready yet so we got a little tour through the whole hotel area and we couldn’t shut our mouths. It is a Resort just the way you imagine a Resort. You have the palm trees, you have a little lake with a little boat on it and people with Chinese straw hats on the boat, than you have the infinity pool area surrounded by palm trees and the view to the clean lonely beach. All along the way are fruit trees and they put the names on it so you can see what fruit is growing there. And if you get sunburned they offer fresh Aloe Vera to cure the burn. They also showed us around the Spa which was amazing. We even got a short welcome massage, which just made us dream about their hour long massages.



The Room was just as I would expect it from an Anantara Hotel. Perfect, Huge, Cozy and very welcoming. It’s like coming home. It’s maybe not the best that rooms are this welcoming, cause you don’t feel the urge anymore to get out. We even got Welcome Fruits which was amazing and so tasty, and again, the shower was a dream. Anantara just knows how to make me happy.



I Think the service is something very important for the Anantara Hotels, just as in the one in Dubai and Hoi An. I only was surrounded by extremely nice, very open, competent stuff. Its a lot more fun to not feel the urge to hide. I’m truly impressed how everyone is just so kind in their hotels.



Ok this is the best. Where should I start? Maybe at the amazing infinity pool? The Pond where you get fresh fish? The beach which is definitely the cleanest and nicest around (take a walk and you will see what I mean)? The Pool bar with the best Passion Mojito (seriously – Try it). The gym? The huge spa where we got a welcome massage? Oh and the breakfast. As you might already know I’m an huge breakfast lover. Staying at hotels always gets for me more special because of the breakfast. The buffet included everything I dreamed of and more. Vietnamese coffee included (another thing you really need to try)


I would immediately fly back just to stay another week or more at this hotel. If you dream about a Resort Stay you probably dream about this. Infinity Pool surround by palm trees. White sand beaches. Spa and great cocktails.

It’s hard to put Paradise into words so just see for yourself:

Web: Anantara Mui Ne

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Address: Mui Ne Beach, KM10, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Price: €€€



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I was welcomed to stay by the Anantara, but as always the opinion is my own, and I already stayed as a paying guest in a Anantara before and would immediately come back. Thank you for the great experience. 

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