New York for Beginners

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Everyone with itchy feet has this one dream: NEW YORK.

I was there already seven times, but it´ll never be enough. If you let New York happen, you´ll fall in love.

My first visit began with a trip in a travel bus and while we were driving through New York, I was pretty disappointed.

That´s New York? It´s dirty, it´s cramped, poor and one construction after an other. My first thought shouldn´t be true, as I figured out at the moment I got out of the bus and got to feel the most amazing atmosphere I´ve ever experienced. That was the moment of a lovestory between a woman and a city, where dreams are made and come true.

I´m not an Insider, even thou I have been there a lot, but this city doesn´t allow you to get to know her. NYC changes a lot and very fast, what´s IN today, will be out tomorrow and if you cross a street ten times, you might see something new, at the tenth time. A city for Explorer.

But while I was there seven times, I could collect some pretty cool Tips and Tricks for NYC and I wanna share them with you, cause everybody should visit New York at least once, and if you do, you will fall in love with the help of these tips. (Actually I have over twenty, so this is part one)


Part 1 of my best New York City tips:

  • Rockefeller vs Empire State Building -> definitely Rockefeller: the lines are way shorter and the view is better than the one on the Empire, cause up their you feel a little bit like in a cage with all the metal grating. Oh and you can see the Empire from the Top of the Rock, which is so pretty and the view over the Central Park is just amazing.
  • Upper West Side is prettier than Upper East Side. Booth are worth a look, but I feel like the Upper East side has just some expensive Hotels and some rich people to offer, while you can find on the Upper West Side the real New York, just as you would imagin it. Stairways and little gardens in front of their doors, little cafe´s, small churches and the famous „Gray´s Papayas“, the best and best-known Hot Dog in the city, located on 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street. Best way to go to UWS is by the Metro line A, B or C. You get off at Station 81st, where there is the Natural History Museum. From there you can walk along the Central Park or you walk right through Upper West Side, past the Grays Papay (where you grab a hot dog) and maybe you can make it to the Riverside Park.
  • It depends on how much time you got, but you should definitely WALK everywhere in New York. Don´t take the cab or Metro if not necessary, cause if you go by foot you will experience the real New York, and feel the atmosphere, which makes this city so amazing. If you don´t have time or you just wanna see the sights, you should take the metro or the Hop-on-hop-off bus.IMG_4638
  • Don´t do Central Park by bike but for driving around, cause you are not allowed to take your bike inside the park. So you always have to stay on the road and watch the people in the park from the outside. If you don´t wanna walk through the whole Central Park (totally get why, cause it´s so big ;)) should start on the 5th Ave. You could stroll up the fifth, pass the Rockefeller Plaza then the St. Patricks Cathedral, and if you want to, you can go behind the cathedral, where you fill find the the New York Palace, right, the Gossip Girl hotel. After that just keep going up the 5th, take a look in the apple store on the right (and check your E-Mails quick), then cross the street and take a peek inside the Plaza hotel. If you want to spend the money, you can take a break here for some coffee and watch the rich people with their well educated kids (but where is their childhood?). Across the Plaza is the entrance of the park and you can find all the horse-drawn carriages here (so awesome, right?). So you walk in the park and always try to keep left, this way you will pass the Umpire Rock, which offers an amazing view, and if you keep going you will end at the Columbus Circle withe the big silver globe.
  • NYCBrooklyn Bridge is definitively a MUST! You could combine it with a walk, which you start at the World Trade Center (Metro Station) and have a look at Ground Zero. If you wanna go inside, you have to get your tickets online, but they are for free and this way, they avoid long waiting lines and to many people inside the memorial. It is amazing by night, they light up every single name and it is really touching. After that you could walk to St. Pauls and then to the City Hall. On the right you´ll find the start of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can just get on here, we tried it first down on the water (obviously) but nope, no stairs or short cut to find. If you have the time, you should def check out Brooklyn, maybe the botanic garden?

Have you been to New York before? What are your secret tips for the Big Apple?

All of these pictures are as always mine, if not other mentioned.

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  1. Sarah Elena

    Staten Island Ferry!!!
    All the was down in the south the Ferry building is located! Go there ans use tue FREE ferry to get to staten island! Passing the Statue of liberty you have a great Chance to get amazing pictures!!! It you arrive you have tue best view and can See tue Wohle breathtaking skyline of New York!!! :-D

  2. Nathalie von Nat Worldwild

    Hallo Mia!
    Ich kann deine Tipps nur unterstreichen!! Ich würde auf jeden Fall noch empfehlen, eine Broadwayshow zu besuchen. Das ist zwar kein “Geheimtipp”, aber es lohnt sich allemal! Phantom of the Opera bringt Gänsehaut-Feeling pur, The Lion King ist nicht nur lustig, sondern hat fantastische Kostüme und Ohrwurmmusik und Mamma Mia ist eine absolute Gute-Laune-Garantie! Am besten ist, die Tickets über zu kaufen. Hier gibt es regelmäßig super Deals bis zu 50% billiger. Hab ich bisher immer gemacht und hat wunderbar geklappt!
    Einen lieben Gruß, Nathalie

    • worldsessed

      Hallo, vielen Dank für die Info. Das wird ein Dreiteiler und es kommen noch mehr Tipps, wenn es dir nichts ausmacht, würde ich gerne deine Infos auch übernehmen. Broadway ist irgendwie nicht auf meiner Liste, und der Link ist super! :) Wird Zeit dass ich wieder nach New York fliege ;)
      Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  3. Nathalie von Nat Worldwild

    Ja klar, das kannst du gerne einbauen! Vielleicht kannst du ja einen klitzekleinen Link oder Verweis zu meiner Seite hinzufügen? Darüber würde ich mich total freuen!
    Wann ist es nicht Zeit, wieder nach New York zu fliegen? Ich komm’ mit! ;)
    Liebe Grüße, Nat

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