While I was busy living – Hommage to living abroad

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I’m back and I hope its gonna stay that way since my head is full of ideas and pictures, ideas and hints for you to see and experience.

But where was I?

I moved to Lisbon in January and that made me being busy living.

I was laughing, loving, crying, dancing, jumping, surfing, swimming, drinking, partying, I was just being with friends, showing friends and family from Germany around, hugging, being carefree, meeting new people every day, learning a new language, traveling, doing road trips, crossing boarders, met myself, lost myself, got lost in streets, found myself screaming of happiness, experienced a city better than my hometown, listening to music everyday, working, poor on money but rich on happiness, Experienced the highest of highs and felt lost, had to much time and no time at all.

I was just being me and living every minute of my life to fullest. Moving abroad gives you all of those feelings. Some love it, some hate it. Some already left, some wanna stay forever and I’m just here, thankful for every minute, thankful for every step I make in this amazing city. Thankful for every new word I learn and every new friend I get to hug.

Thankful for every night I stay up till sunrise, every day I spent on the beach or traveling the country. I’m just happy and thankful as much as someone can be.

I was living a great life in Germany as well, as happy as I thought I could get, I loved life but now here I realized, something pulled me down, I had way to much time but always had the feeling time is running away. I stayed at home way to many nights and said no to way to many drinks. I always choose my bed instead of the dance floor and the lonely night instead of the crowded. I loved life, but I feel free now here, thanks to moving abroad, Again. And I got hooked again, thinking about changing my address again and again, a winter in Australia? Spring in Rome? Summer in Copenhagen? Traveling with the backpack again? I feel free, I lost weight and years, feel like twentytwo again and as I have the world to my feet. I feel like I kicked of the weight that pulled me down, the weight of needing to fit in even I knew I don’t, having the newest clothes, the most money, the best job. Everything that counts here is the friends I have, the minutes I spent dancing and singing and twirling and spinning, hugging and loving, crying and laughing, exploring and reading.

All of this made me way to busy. Busy living.

When I applied for the job I said to myself: If I get it, its destiny. And now I believe in it every second of this amazing trip which might be over soon or will last forever. It is all in my hands, and just in mine. No one will ever understand what drives me, but as long as I do what my heart needs I will do what is right for me and the right people will always be by my side even if they don’t hear my calling.

I beg you to move, I beg you to travel, pack a bag, learn what is important, see with how less you can easily survive, find yourself and new friends form all over the world. Learn a new language, start a new job, walk unknown streets and talk to locals for hours. Open you eyes and your heart. Stop buying things you don’t need, start collecting memories. Get to know people who like they real you, because if they don’t, they will just leave you again. Find what you love, get to know you better. Learn to be alone, enjoy to be surrounded. Let other people change you, change lives of others. Create new habits, loose old ones. Get up early. Go to bed late. Seize the days, dance the nights. Everything is new, nothing is fixed. Everything is possible, nothing is to big. Experience a move abroad and you never gonna be the same again. It might not be for you, it is not for everyone, but it will always belong to you and it will change you. The way you look at things and the way you feel. Climb that mountain and cross your own boarders, because it is all just in your head. Just go and move and don’t look back, but live in the moment of all that glory life, nature and the whole world got for you. The universe got your back so lets go, think positive and start living.

Its time to get busy. Time to be busy living. Living a life you never had before and never will have again.

It might not be your easiest decision but it will for sure will always be the right destionation.

It is time to life your dream and stop dreaming. Wake up. Wake up and Move abroad.

*Scroll all the way down to some of my very privat pictures from my first 6 months here*

**I’m so incredible thankful for every single soul that crossed my paths here. I know that a lot of you will stay for ever, I’m glad I got to meet you and spend some of my favorite and funniest moment with you. I especially met a few very wonderful people here and I hope I will never loose them again. Thank you for letting me be the person I am and still spending time with me.

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