Old Town San Diego

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Being in San Diego three times but actually never being in San Diego downtown, might sound wired, but I definitely had the best time. My first visit was in Coronado, my second in Escondido including surfing in Carlsbad and my third one in Ocean Beach I stayed in a Hostel in OB and got to meet so many amazing people, practiced surfing, ate pizza on the porch, swam at night and played guitar on the beach. If that doesn’t sound amazing, I don’t know what does. That time, it was just the one thing I really needed, doing nothing, enjoying everything and just let the time fly by. It was the end of being an Au-Pair for 18 month and having a hard time, since my family tried to kick me out of the country, cause I didn’t care about their weed between the salad and they couldn’t afford me anymore (Long Story short: they got kicked out of the Au-Pair program.. #sorrynotsorry )

But don’t seeing anything at all isn’t my nature so me and three friends (I just met at the Hostel, from Taiwan, Canada and Israel) drove to Old Town San Diego.

This place really is super cute, and it wasn’t crowded at all. It’s all about the Mexican culture, you can get some cocktails, eat some Mexican food or shop colorful souvenirs, oh and also skulls, since they have an important role in their culture. Continue reading to learn more.


Every Saturday they have a market, you shouldn’t miss

 They have events all year round and you should check here, if there is one when you are planning to come.

Authentic Mexican food. Nothing more to say.

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos): It’s the reason why you’ll find all the skulls and colors there. It is one of the most important holidays in Mexico and it is between October 31rd, and November 2nd. This day is to honor the dead and is a day full of color, flowers, music and dances. It’s said that these days, the dead leave afterworld and come back to celerbrate inter vivos

Get a free map of the Old Town here. (PDF)

Get a free guide (restaurants included) here.(PDF)

How to get there:

Car: Take the Old Town Avenue Exit from Interstate 5

Public Transportation: Get off at Old Town Transit Centre (Bus) or San Diego Old Town (Coaster) See all lines going there here, or plan your trip here 

But just reading about it, probably doesn’t make you go there, so scroll through the pictures and convince yourself to go there. But for real, it’s super easy to go there, it will show you where Mexico ends and where California begins and I’m sure you’ll love some culture and history while in this modern city.

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