10 Travel quotes to insipre

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Travel quotes.

Not quite sure what it is about them, but if they are good, they kinda make me wanna GO immediately.

Sometimes a good quote is all we need, especially when we are already working on an important decision.

So you might be in that situation, whether to book that ticket or not, so I got you covered.

I created a few travel inspiration pictures, if you want to save them, just pin them on your Pinterest.

These are my favorite quotes, thats why I put them on my favorite pictures.

Let me know what your favorite quote is, maybe I create some more inspiration pictures in the future.

Ps: I created a Travel board on pinterest. If you want to follow just click on the button below and if you like to pin there as well, just send me a message on pinterest, and you are in the game :)

If you are not on pinterest yet, you need to go, it is the best platform to find inspiration of any kind. I’m addicted and I never looked back.

Travel board on pinterest

say-yes say-yes-kopie explore-the travel-2 take-every-chance-you-get-in-life-because-some-things-only-happen-once if-it-scares-you-it-might-be-a-good-thing-to-try-kopie-2 if-it-scares-you-it-might-be-a-good-thing-to-try-kopie-3 if-it-scares-you-it-might-be-a-good-thing-to-try-kopie take-every-chance-you-get-in-life-because-some-things-only-happen-once-kopie if-it-scares-you-it-might-be-a-good-thing-to-try

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