An oasis in between the heat: ANANTARA Hoi An Vietnam

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Ok, I wanna be honest with you, I always thought, staying in luxury Hotels in a City is nonsense. I thought its a waste of money since you usually never see the room than sleeping in it, oh and shower. You usually try to spend every free minute out in the bustling city around you and come back exhausted and tired only looking for your bed.

But this was until I got to check in at the Anantara Hoi An in Vietnam.


This hotel was serious a true pleasure in between the heat, the hustle and the bustle of the city. During the day we always used to come back to relaxe at the pool and get some new energy, which was super easy to manage since the hotel was right at the beginning of Old Town.

It already started when we got picked-up by our private driver with drinks and snacks AND WIFI in the car and ended with us dropping of in our next stop.


In the Morning you get to start with a five-star breakfast with a view over the river. The breakfast offers Buffet as well as fresh food like omelets, pancakes, waffles and even Vietnamese favorite: Pho Soup. Oh and do yourself a favor and try the Vietnamese coffee with Ice and Condense milk. Thank me later.




At noon you return form the city to breath in and calm down at the pool surrounded by palm trees and in the evening you get to enjoy a walk along the river Thu Bon and dine at one of many great restaurants decorated with colorful lanterns or just enjoy the hotels Irish Pub.

That of course when you are willing enough to leave the hotel room.


Created like a little apartment. The porch invites you to put your feet up when you come back and update your loved ones at home. The living room area was perfect for planing the day in the morning and can we talk about the bed. Never thanked me my legs more for a comfortable bed than here. Cloud 7 and more. And lets not start talking about the bath and its bath tub.

anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-13 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-26

It indeed was, one of the best decisions we made during our trip, checking in in a Luxury hotel in a city and I would do it again and again. Especially this time we already traveled for three weeks, still had two to go and our shoulders hurt from our backpacks.

Next to the nice design and the vietnamese garden the Hotels also offers a Spa, boat trips, cooking classes in their own show kitchen in the garden right at the pool, a Lantern making class and more. They even organized a snorkel tour for us.

anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-32 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-33 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-31

Hoi An is definitely worth the trip and if you are in a desperately need of a break you should consider staying there, where you can enjoy the Old Town and have always the opportunity to return to the little Oasis called Anantara.


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anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed

Enjoy some more pictures to convince you to go ;)


anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-38 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-37 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-34







Again, for me, being Breakfastsessed (Breakfast obsessed), this was heaven

anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-21 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-20



anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-16 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-14 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-10 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-11 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-8




I wished for really bad weather to stay in the rooms

anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-27 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-24 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-17 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-15 anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-14




anantara-hoi-an_worldsessed-7Thanks to the Anantara Hoi An Resort to inviting me to such a magical place. It’s as always my own opinion. 

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