Find the rainbow in Singapore

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Singapore is probably one of the most colorful metropols I’ve ever been to. To describe a city I used already a lot of adjectives, such as loud and hectic, or wonderful, magnetic and fascintating, but I can’t remeber to answer the question “How’s the city” with “Colorful”.

Singapore changed this and I can truly say that I found the rainbow on singapores walls. Before I tell you where to find all these colors in a special post, I wanna show you all my checkered pictures.

Who doesn’t wanna go now to Singapore and find the rainbow?

Keep updated for my “Where to get wonderfully lost in Singapore” Post soon.

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  1. Dan Vineberg

    I had no idea Singapore had so much colour. The last couple of photos with the modern skyline – I knew it had that. But you’ve expanded my idea about Singapore, so thanks for that!


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