5 reasons why Amsterdam in November is perfect

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15 Amsterdam

At first: Amsterdam is always great and I was surprised HOW amazing this city really is.

Because it is so nice, everybody wants to go there, so we traveled off-season and we found us in Amsterdams streets back in November 2013.

I did this trip with five friends I got to know when I lived in the States. I can´t even say how happy I am to still be in contact with them, even thou its not often, but it´s always as there wasn´t a break. Friendship for life.

Ok, totally got side tracked, so here are your reasons to go to Amsterdam in November:

Less crowed than in Summer.

Simple, right? But there are also less people than in December. My personal opinion is, that you don´t need warm temperatures for a city trip. I wanna see and experience the city and not being busy looking for a place in the shade. And lets be honest, Europe in Winter is so pretty!

15 Amsterdam1

That comes with reason two:

Perfect temperature for a city trip.

The European winter is not here yet, and fall isn´t gone yet. Warm boots and a winter coat are packed and if you´re lucky enough you will wear your jacket open or carry it around cause of the nice climate here.

And so we are at reason three. That might not be important for all of you, but its for me and for everybody who thinks like me:

What do I take, What can I wear?

“That is super comfortable but it doens´t look good on a picture” (Yeah wired right, but that is how a photography freak thinks. What colours and clothes look good on a picture). You´re wearing your jacket, the warmest shoes and your favourite scarf in winter. That´s so easy and so comfi.

And if you really think like me you will like reason four:

Christmas decoration is coming.

Christmas in Amsterdam

They start putting up the lights, the first shop windows are decorated and the streets start getting an amazing atmosphere BUT the streets are not crowded yet since the markets and the Christmas shoppers are not here yet. In the middle of November you can find a Christmas parade with the Santa (Nikolaus) and his “black Peter”, his helpers. There are a lot of discussions about it being to racist, but their tradition is important to them. It was fun to watch it, even thou it was totally wired. It´s worth it. Oh and because it is already winter time, it´ll get darker sooner and because of that it starts to be magical around 6pm.

And because five reasons are better than four, here´s the last one:

It´s worth it to visit a Museum.

Let´s be honest, if it is summer in Europe you wanna be out in the sun and enjoy every second. Thinking about going into a Museum seems to be the weirdest thing on earth. But let me tell you that Amsterdam has so many and great museums which are really worth the time, it would be wasted if you wouldn´t visit one of them. If you buy the “I amsterdam city card” you can get in for free in almost every museum, get a free canal tour (total MUST), free public transportation and more. So it really pays off in November.

I amsterdam city card

So could I convince you to book a ticket for the next weekend? But even if you´re not going in November, I´ll promise you, this city will surprise you!

And because I´m so in love with this city, I´m going to post more about it. So stay tuned.

Coffee outside is warmer
Drinking coffee outside is just so much better when its cold!

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Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam


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  1. Annegret

    Hallo Mia!

    Danke für diesen tollen Post. Ich habe gestern mein Hotel und den Bus nach Amsterdam gebucht und dank deinem Post nun richtig Lust bekommen nach Amsterdam zu reisen. Für mich geht es zwar erst im Dezember dahin, doch ich denke die Weihnachtszeit in der niederländischen Metropole zu verbringen, hat auch sein Flair. :)
    Ich bin gespannt und werde ganz bestimmt auf meinem Blog berichten.

    Liebe Grüße von Annegret von http://www.gretline.wordpress.com

    • worldsessed

      Hallo, das freut mich total zu hören! Danke :) Ich denke Weihnachtszeit ist magisch da mit all den schmallen Gassen. Kanns kaum erwarten, deinen Post darüber zu sehen! Viel Spaß!

  2. TravelGretl

    Great pics! And about the black pete’s – I think (and hope) that will change in the end. Tradition is not so holy that we should stick to a way some find it offensive! Colored pete’s are as beautiful :D

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