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I had a little Backpacking trip with my cousin back in September.

We started in Barcelona, then Madrid and after that we took the night train to Portugal.

Since my cousin studies and I spent all my money already on trips before, we had to keep an eye on what to spend and where, so it was pretty clear for us, that we will stay in a Hostel.

We booth have been to an Hostel before and I already totally love the concept of a hostel (More about that in an upcoming blogpost, Pro and con´s of an Hotel and an Hostel).

Our hostel in Barcelona was perfect for us.

We stayed in a six-person-room and it was great but the first night, where one of our roomies drank a little bit too much (you get where I´m going?).

The Location was ideal, close to the pedestrian area and the Stress La Rambla. Hundreds of Shops, Coffee shops and restaurants were just around the corner, also the Sagrada Familia was just a ten minutes foot walk away from us.

Since the metro station was so close too, the beach was easy to reach. We walked everything else by foot, cause that is just the best to see and experience a city and you can explore much more things than written down in an travel guide.

Barcelonas streets

What else is attractive by the Rodamón Hostel? The modern and friendly interior, the very nice staff, the tidiness and the (rooftop)terrace. We started our mornings in the sun with breakfast and finished the day with self cooked dinner there.

Also every single bed had its own lamp and a CURTAIN (so freaking awesome).

We had all kinds of nationalities in our room: Egypt, Bermuda, UK, France and Germany (well of course, they are everywhere ;) ). They had all kinds of stories to tell, and I love to listen to these kind of stories.

So if you have a low budget, but don´t wanna miss some privacy and cleanness, you should defenitly check out the Rodamón Hostel in Barcelona. Oh, and did I tell that the breakfast is included?

So book your stay here.

Do you have already experience with a Hostel in Barcelona or haven you already been to Rodamon? Let me know in the comments below.

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