Worldsessed was created by founder and owner Mia H., me ;)

The name is a creation by me and combines the words “World” and “obsessed” since I’m obsessed with the world.

The Blog is about all my travels, the photos I take, tips I have for you and many more about the world, but also some tips four your daily life, since I’m not

a full time blogger and traveller (yet).

I definitely love to mix budget adventurous trips with my backpack with some luxury Hotels with room view and a private beach.

By the way, there is nothing better for me on the way, than seeing the places I visit from somewhere High up.

Who is Mia?

Capetown T3-10 kleinHi, I´m Mia. I´m 26 years.

I´m totally obsessed with the world and my favourite hobby is to travel or to plan new trips and adventures and learn new things about the world.

I also love Photography and I´m currently trying to get better and better, its a possibility to caputre moments and memories.

What else do I love: Snow (oh its Crazy how much I love snow), Christmas time (and the music, the stories, markets, food, candles…..), Sport (snowboarding, surfing, running, hiking, biking, fitness…), white tulips, everything 60s-ish, everything creative, interior, etc etc.

What else.. I lived in the US for 19 month. 12 of them in Virgina, close by Washington D.C. and 7 in California, in Suburb of San Francisco. That time I lost my heart to California and can’t wait to go back.

I had my first trip alone when I was around 15 oder 16. This time I wanted to go to England so bad, nobody else wanted, so I just went there alone.

I always had the Wanderlust fever and it never stopped, till now I cant even stay at home for a month and I dream of a live full of travels.

Glad you found my blog.