Best spots for Sunset in Munich (for free)

Summer is knocking on Munichs doors and Corona finally gives us a little more space to breathe and we can finally start to enjoy the city in all its Glory.

Munich is a dream place to be during summer, the days are endless, the nights are mild, and you’ll find crowded parks with students playing ball and BBQs along the river Isar where they will also jump in to refresh. To finish a perfect summer day, you gotta watch and enjoy a perfect sunset, best combined with good friends, beer or wine, some background music and please enough distance ;)

We can’t offer a beach or the ocean in Munich, but we have many other unique places to finish the day the perfect way.

Hackerbrücke (Hackerbridge)


In my opinion this is one of the most outstanding places to watch a sunset. Sitting on a bridge, dangling feet and a drink in your hand with the sun in your face. Extra Tipp: Take place on the other side of the bridge, looking towards the center with its famous church (Frauenkirche) and witness the city get dyed pink and purple. If you turn around, you’ll see the Silhouette of the bridge, behind it the sun almost gone.

Olympiaberg (Olympic Mountain)


There is a different atmosphere when the sun sets at the mountain in the Olympic park (Olympiapark), that gets even stronger when there is a concert of a famous singer or band you can listen to it for free while watching the sun set. Even though there will be a lot people, it’s not too crowded since you have a lot space up there. And if there is our famous Tollwood festival happening you can go straight after to have some drinks and food from all around the world (every summer but 2020).



High above Munich´s favorite park and green lung but still never too crowded. Perfect spot to unwind after a day of sun and Isar (river) bathing, and up there you suddenly realize again what an amazing city lies in front of you.



While the steps in front of the Museums to the right and left get filled, the last photographer is taking pictures of a new fashion blogger in golden light and you are cheering with a friend to the end of the work day, sets the sun a special mood around the propylaea.


Where usually the Bavarian parliament leads discussion about important decisions, you’ll find locals discussing their days and if they brought the right wine. In front of these massive walls you’ll find the perfect spot to watch the sun set behind the skyline of Munich, feet dangling down, sun in your face, wine in your hand and once again you’ll realize that this is Germanys most beautiful city ;)



Not far from the Maximilianeum is another Hotspot for Munich. Central location, right next to the river, a fountain that glows in the setting sunlight and a great view. The fact that this place is one of the busiest round-about in Munich will be forgotten very easily.

Isar – Wittelsbacherbrücke

Bring a blanket, food from one of Munichs great dining places and something to clink glasses to switch from day to night. On warm/hot days you’ll be sourrounded by like-minded people which helps for the percet summer flair. You can also move down the river if it is too crowded there, towards the sun and you’ll be rewarded with a less crowded place.

Castle Nymphenburg (Gerner Bridge)


In my old neighborhood this was my favorite view to the castle from the Gerner bridge. And the best about this place is the fact the sun sets right behind the castle and sets the former royal house into a very special royal light. This is more a spot where Neighbors meet to give life a little break, rather than tourists meet for the perfect picture for the gram.


Lake Starnberg 

Well, this is not really in the city center, but the Lake belongs to Munich like beer belongs to the Octoberfest. With the mountain backdrop this place will get magical during sunset when the sky reflects its colors in the lake the horizon will be infinite when the sky meets the water.

I hope you like those places and get to enjoy some magical hours in our beautiful city. If you want to save it for later, you can pin it here. Love to hear your feedback. Lots of Love and have a great summer!

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