22 pics that make you wanna go to Lisbon NOW

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So you may know it or not, but yes, I live in Lisbon, and for me it is the most amazing, most vibrant, energetic and the prettiest town in the whole wide world. There was never a city that caught me as much as Lisbon did. When I moved here, I planned to stay here for just a few months, and a few days ago I hit the one year strike. So yes you can safely say, I’m in love, and I’m planning to leave soon what will kill me but the world is calling and I have to go, but surely I can imagine moving back to this town which gives you energy and just makes you happy.
Lisbon is my Lover and No Man ever will be able to break my heart as much as leaving Lisbon will do.

It is so hard to describe the feelings it gives me, but I already tried in this post, but for now I try to convince you with pictures, it was hard to pick the best. Oh and did you know that we have sun almost everyday, and it is the brightest sun in Europe and once she is out, she has power. Just sayin’.
So when you decide to come here, of course after that post, check those “10 things not to miss”, which also has more pictures.
Have fun checking the pictures and falling in love.

Some pictures were shot at the amazing Memmo Alfama Hotel

PS.: More pictures can be found here.

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