50 pics that make you wanna go to Australia NOW

Australia was a dream come true. I never would have thought that this country is THIS Amazing.

There is something for everyone. You have the beaches, the mountains, the jungle, the animals, the adventure and the peace and more.

I spent four weeks there and even though it was still way to short, it was perfect to see some the best of Australia and not everybody has the opportunity to go longer.

So here are some pictures to inspire you to go there, it is worth the trip. Meanwhile I’ll be here writing blog post and editing videos.


Ps: The name of the title was “20 pics that make you wanna go to Australia NOW” but I just have to many pictures to keep them secretly on my hard drive. ;) Do you think it is to much?

melbourne_0709-3 bondi-beach_1209-2 towards-sydney_1009-8 bondi-beach_1209-8 towards-sydney_1009-12 daintree-forrest_1409-9 daintree-forrest_1409-24 towards-sydney_1009-14 daintree-forrest_1409-29 towards-sydney_1009-17 schnorcheln-gbr_1509-2 schnorcheln-gbr_1509-8 schnorcheln-gbr_1509-14 sydney_1009 whitsundays_1909-2 blue-mountains_1109-2 whitsundays_1909-7 whitsundays_1909-15 whitsundays_1909-18 whitsundays_1909 whalewatching_2109-2 fraser-island_2209-6 fraser-island_2209-8 fraser-island_2209-4 fraser-island_2209-6 blue-mountains_1109-8 fraser-island_2309-5 fraser-island_2309-10 fraser-island_2309-11 fraser-island_2309-20 byron-bay_2709-2 blue-mountains_1109-3 byron-bay_2709-5 springbrook_2809-4 springbrook_2809 brisbane_2909-2 brisbane_2909-5 brisbane_2909-10 brisbane_2909-13 brisbane_2909 bondi-beach_1209-3 lone-pine-koalas_3009-3 lone-pine-koalas_3009-4 melbourne_0709-31 melbourne_0709-23 brighton-beach_0809-14 daintree-forrest_1409-33 sydney_1009-4 Blue Mountains Australia

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