Taipei Squares

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ts been a while since I looked the last time at my Taiwan pictures, so when I did today, I realized again how amazing this city was to me. I went in July 2015 and it was my first Asian cit, my first Asian country. Nowadays I already can check 10 countries of my list and almost have I been in all those big cities of Asia and still, Taipei is one of my favorites. I love how unexplored this city was and still is.
Since I fell in love again, I created another “Square” like I did already with Lisbon and Barcelona.

In exactly 2 weeks I’ll be in Australia, ticking off another To-Do of my List and after that is finally some time to catch up with my blog. I have so many unwritten post which are already in my head. Can’t wait to write more again.

Have you already been in Taiwan and where will you be heading this summer?

Taipei Squares

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