12 random Facts about Taiwan

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Currently not available in English. Coming soon.

My first stop of last years Asia trio was Taipei in Taiwan, my first time in Asia over all.

I visited my friend I met in San Diego Diego in a Hostel and we never stopped being in contact.

There is not really a lot you can read about Taiwan, and like I showed in this Post, not justified.

I can’t wait to share the rest of all my experiences there, especially since I stayed at my friends. This way I got to experience the REAL Taiwan.

There are already some facts about Taipei/Taiwan and there Taiwanese.

What to know before going to Taiwan will be in a separate Post soon.

 #1 Taiwan ≠ China

That’s fact. Seriously. Taiwan has many common things with China BUT it doesn’t belong to China and they don’t want to hear it. Period. The language is different, the people are way more unfriendly, the food is not as good as theirs and they don’t care about the chines Government. Taiwan doesn’t like China. China likes Taiwan. But not the other way round.

#2 They love their food

Indeed, they LOVE their food. If you ask a Taiwanese what they will miss the most, when they would leave the country, everybody tells you the same: The Food. Eating is like a celebration every time, way more than in any other country I know. If Street Food, Nightmarket or restaurants, there is always a way and they usually like everything.

#3 They don’t understand why they are so skinny

After Fakt #2 follows this one: They have no clue why they are so skinny, because of all the food  they eat. I guess I can tell you why: The Favorite dessert includes read beans, sweet potatoes and oat meal. I didn’t like it, at all (Sorry Sam). But yes, thats a dessert and the rest of the food is also healthier and lighter than ours. Oh and if you have this amount of fresh fruit to choose on, you are not interested in fake Candy.

#4 They are sure, Taipei is to small

No matter with who you are talking, Taipei is to small. Might be because it is a small Island and they produce everything local, so they don’t have many connections to the other “world”, I’m not sure, but they are convinced that it is to small, by a side of 271,8 qkm.

#5 That’s why everybody is leaving to go abroad

Like said in #4 is Taiwan to small for them, they are so independent and I guess thats the reason why they feel the urge to leave. See something new & explore. They are expecting a hard working life in Taiwan with way to less vacation days (10 days are already luxury, and when I told that I` m taking three weeks of my six week vacations everybody was stumbled and jealous and I felt really sorry for just saying). If they are brave enough they are leaving to see the whole wide world before they start getting in the daily work life.

#6 They have no clue how cold their AC is

The AC is turned to “Freeze”. And they don’t even  get it. It’s exactly what they want. If you have been in the US you know how horrible the difference between the hot outside and the cold inside is. In Taiwan it is even worse. It is way hotter and humid outside and if you enter the shops or restaurants or homes, totally wet, you kinda wish you brought your winter jacket. It is worse than in the US and no wonder everybody has a cold all the time. Of course nobody gets that.

#7 They need their phones for soaps and games

Oh my Gosh. Mobile phones and Taiwanese are like Fries and Ketchup. The bigger the phone the the better. Often their phone looks like a tablet. But why? Simple. They are playing all kinds of games and watch their soaps on it. So if you take public transportation you might be the only one not looking at a screen as big as your head. It’s crazy and fun.

#8 They love tourists

Tourists are like animals in the Zoo in Taiwan. Look but don’t feed. Seriously, there are not a lot of tourists in Taiwan so it is still something special and new to them. Especially when you are blonde and tall. Everybody dreams about traveling seeing the whole wide world and then there is a European person so far from their home. They must have seen everything. They will love you. Period.

#9 They hate their weather

The heat is unbearable for a sensible European as I’m, and while I was sweating like crazy, and everybody else looked like they are freezing I learned that is not true. They carry umbrellas with UV-Protection, little towels for their sweat and complain about their heat all the time. Well they don’t like their weather, but they can stand it better.

#10 The are following the rules like there is no tomorrow

If you see a sign in the metro which says: Don’t eat and drink, than my dear, you don’t eat and drink. Not even a chewing gum or a sip of water. I remember the look on my friends face when I drank something or still had my chewing gum in. Rules are Rules and if you don’t follow them at home, its up to you, but if you don’t follow them in Taiwan you might come back broke.

#11 Their dust masks quite make sense

My friend is probably the cooles Asian I ever got to know. Inadequate, open minded and super friendly. But she taught me that these dusk masks make a lot of sense. Yes, the masks we smile about and aren’t really cool. They are not really for the Bacteria we always thought, but the help against the fine dust in the big cities. If you shower at night, and you realize that the water ist kinda blackish (is that a word?) you definitely think about getting one for yourself as well. Taipei is already one of the greenest Metropolis I ever saw. They have plants everywhere and they really try to fight against it. Keep fighting. You can make it Taiwan.

#12 The give themselves (american) name

My friends real name is Han but she calls herself Samantha, on of her friends calls herself Kiki and so on. Everybody gives him-/herself a western-style name they like. Free Choice. Sometimes they look for a name that sounds familiar to their own. Why? Because they are so open to the world and wanna give everybody the chance to call them easily by their names.

If you have some fun facts as well, let us know. Would love to hear about.

Keep updated for more exciting Blogpost about this amazing country Taiwan.

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