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Ok, to be honest: Istanbul took me by surprise and stole my heart. It was a dream of mine to go there since a while. I really wanted to experience the culture and the atmosphere there, but I didn’t expect Istanbul to be that magical.

Last year I visited quite a few places and I almost loved every single one of them but Taipei and Istanbul where my favorite.

It already started with the view from our super cute Hotel and the amazing rooftop (review coming)

Istanbul – A place for everyone.

The first day we decided just to explore, get lost, see what this city has to offer and already tried the super black typical tea before we let the sightseeing begin the next day.

And it already happened the first day. The magic. I can’t describe what exactly that was, was it, the mosque which look so pretty, the river, which gives it an amazing atmosphere, the people who were sometimes annoying but never really brash (well besides the bazaar). Or was it all about the oriental lamps and towels hanging in the shops, the music on the street, the weather? Or was it just because I was there with one of my favorite human, my sister?

I don’t know, but you need to experience it by yourself? While I’m writing the MUST-SEE’S you can get inspired by these pictures and book a ticket there ASAP.

BTW: We stayed at the Best Western Citadel Hotel, which is just around the corner of the Blue Mosque. Oh and we spotted Dolphins during Breakfast, so yeah, this trip was ON POINT.


This post includes MANY MANY pictures and it may cause you to have an extreme Wanderlust, itchy feet, an empty bank account and a ticket to Istanbul.

So I decided to split this post into 3 since I have soooo many pictures. This is Day 1. Day 2 and Day 3&4 are coming very soon.

Day one: We arrived before noon, checked into the Hotel and took a walk along the waterside. Drank black tea in Gülhane Park and fell in love with all the tulips there. After that we crossed Galatabridge towards Karaköy (urban district), passed the Galata tower and kept walking towards Taksim but turned around right before the place. So we ended walking home in the dark. 

Istanbul T1-4Istanbul T1-5Istanbul T1-6Istanbul T1-8Istanbul T1-9


Istanbul T1-11Istanbul T1-14Istanbul T1-16Istanbul T1-17Istanbul T1-19Istanbul T1-20Istanbul T1-21Istanbul T1-22Istanbul T1-23


Istanbul T1-26Istanbul T1-27Istanbul T1-28Istanbul T1-29Istanbul T1-30Istanbul T1-31Istanbul T1-32Istanbul T1-33Istanbul T1-34Istanbul T1-36Istanbul T1-38Istanbul T1-39Istanbul T1-40Istanbul T1-41Istanbul T1-42Istanbul T1-43Istanbul T1-44Istanbul T1-45Istanbul T1-46Istanbul T1-47


Istanbul T1-37

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    That’s such a lovely photo of you with the tulips! I love seeing these photos of Istanbul, it shows a different side than what I’m used to seeing.

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    You look so lovely in that photo with the tulips! Love these shots of Istanbul. It shows a different side of it than the photos I’m used to seeing!

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