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While abroad I love to mix Hostels and a little luxury accommodations. Because I can be an extreme introvert, I sometimes feel more secure in a Hotel room. For my extrovert ME I always look forward to Hostels, mainly when I’m traveling solo.

While in Asia, I tried to mix booth a little and decided to stay in a medium price ranged Hotel, which I was hooked about the very first second.

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If you enjoy being close to the city centre, appreciate a nice view when waking up and can resign the typical Hotel breakfast buffet and rather prefer a evening in a pool or the gym, well, than the Island Pacific Hotel is just right for you.

After arriving at the Airport Express station, I was able to take the F R E E  Shuttle, and arrived safely and warmly greeted at the Hotel. After I asked for a Hotel room up high (oh how I love a GOOD view), I even got a little Upgrade. They have three different kinds of rooms. The cheapest room has a view “just” with the Skyline of Hong Kong, the middle priced rooms have a view with the Skyline and the Bay and the expensive rooms have a gigantic view over the Bay and the harbor. Since I’m a total New York Skyline freak, I thought, I would be happy with just the Skyline view, BUT waking up while watching the boots coming home and falling asleep surrounded with the lights of all the buildings is priceless.

I was so overwhelmed by the view, that most of the time I would have spend starring outside. Because of that, I totally oversaw taking an abnormally number of pictures, as I would usually do. I gave every minute in the Hotel to the View, the bath tub und the pool. I felt so comfortable in this room. The city totally was too much to handle for me, and it made me lose my sense of traveling for a second and pushed me in a little hole (post about that is coming), that I was super happy to have my little oasis in the middle of this concrete jungle. (And you definitely should experience Hong Kong and make your own mind about it)
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The Hotel room offers a bathroom with a bathtub, fridge, IPod docking station, Desk with a view and a view more nice goodies ;) The bed was super comfortable and I rarely enjoyed waking up like I did here, including that view.

The free Shuttle offers the whole day, and even till late night, rides to the Centre of Hong Kong. I definitely used it more than once, especially on the way back. The Hotel is located right across the Bay, where I spent my first evening, watching the sun set.

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The high humidity (80%) and the city itself totally smashed me, so I was more than happy to spent my second night in the Hotel pool.




As already told, I was a little overwhelmed by this city. If this happens, it might be that I don’t want to see and talk to anyone, and I’m praying that no one will try to talk to me. But the stuff at the Hotel was so friendly and open minded, that I already felt back to earth the moment I arrived.

I was totally hooked with the Hotel, the Service, Location, stuff and everything in between. The only negative point was that they didn’t offer a breakfast, and I’m the SUPER BREAKFAST LOVER. But it was ok, and I could turn a blind eye to it.

You can find more information at the end of the post.

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HongKong Hotel Selfie-4Island Pacific Hotel HongkongIsland Pacific Hotel Hongkong-2Island Pacific Hotel Hongkong-3Island Pacific Hotel Hongkong-5Island Pacific Hotel Hongkong-3Island Pacific Hotel HongkongIsland Pacific Hotel Hongkong-4Island Pacific Hotel Hongkong-2

Web: www.islandpacifichotel.com.hk

Book via booking.com or direct via Hotel 

Price: €€

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