First Impression of Taipei

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I still can’t believe I’m in Taipei, hanging out with my favorite Asian girl, eating all kinds of Taiwanese food, meeting people from all around the world and sweating like super crazy.

I had an amazing flight to Dubai, fell asleep at the airport and almost missed my flight to Taipei. Had another great flight, watched Lord of the rings and New Girl, and took many pictures as you can see below.

So but my first Impressions of Taiwan are not just pictures.

Taipei is insane. Everything here is insane. The Food is insane. The heat is insane. The sounds are insane. The insects are insane. I love the mix between high buildings and a lot of plants. The mix of culture and tradition and everything new. I love the food, almost everything I tried now ;) And you won’t see a lot of tourists here, and not a lot of blonde tall girls. Knowing a girl from Taipei is awesome since she shows me all the good local street food places, orders me the good food, shows me where to go, introduces me to her friends, teaches me Mandarin and just gives me an insight of the real Taiwan.

And did I tell how insane the heat is. Don’t you even thinking about coming here in August since it will be even worse. Early spring would be great. The humidity is killing me but the view I had today made it worth it.

So three more days to go till I’ll be in Hong Kong. Gonna share way more about Taipei, but for now, here are my first Impressions of an Insane City.

Taipei Day One_-3 Taipei Day One_-4 Taipei Day One_-2 Taipei Day One_-6

Taipei Day One_-7 Taipei Day One_-8 Taipei Day One_-6 Taipei Day One_-11 Taipei Day One_ Taipei Day One_-33 Taipei Day One_-32 Taipei Day One_-37 Taipei Day One_-36 Taipei Day One_-35 Taipei Day One_-38 Taipei Day One_-30 Taipei Day One_-31 Taipei Day One_-26 Taipei Day One_-27 Taipei Day One_-29 Taipei Day One_-25 Taipei Day One_-20 Taipei Day One_-21 Taipei Day One_-22 Taipei Day One_-23 Taipei Day One_-24 Taipei Day One_-19 Taipei Day One_-18 Taipei Day One_-17 Taipei Day One_-16 Taipei Day One_-15 Taipei Day One_-10 Taipei Day One_-12 Taipei Day One_-13 Taipei Day One_-14 Taipei Day One_-9 Taipei Day One_-5 Taipei Day One_ Taipei Day One_-2 Taipei Day One_-3 Taipei Day One_-4

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19 Responses

  1. sarah

    I have never been to Tapei, in fact I have not yet been to Asia but that will be changing in October when I go to Thailand. I expect to have a similar reaction to things there as you did in Tapei…everything is insane!

  2. Emma Hart

    Taipei looks like such a cool place! I’d love to visit but maybe not in summer. I can imagine the humidity being very much like it is in Hong Kong in August – almost unbearable! It looks like you had fun!

    • worldsessed

      It is so hard, I’ve been in Hong Kong now for a day, and you can escape to the waterfront and enjoy the wind, but Taipei has not even cool air at the beach. No breeze at all. But it still is soooo pretty!

  3. Emma Hart

    Taipei looks like such a cool place! I’d love to visit but maybe not in summer. I can imagine the humidity being very much like it is in Hong Kong in August – almost unbearable! It looks like you had fun :)

  4. TravelGretl

    Looks like an amazing first impression! Kind of how I imagined it when someone in a bus in the middle of the Philippines told me I MUST visit Taiwan! Never considered it before, but since then it’s on my list really :)

  5. Jessica

    Great photos, Mia! As a fellow photographer I would love to have you do a guest post on my blog over at The Bohemian Diaires :) One thing that I find interesting in all of your shots of the city is the fact that it is actually so green! There are plants and vines hanging all over the concrete buildings and it looks like there are plenty of parks in Tapei! Enjoy your couple of days there! (And let’s get in touch in the future about doing a photo essay guest post!) Cheers!

  6. Nic from Roaming Renegades

    Aww this is lovely, I love how crazy new places are. I felt totally the same when we arrived in Tokyo, it was just crazy!! That feeling is how travel should be, where it just blows you away! Looks like you are already having an amazing trip.

  7. Milosz Zak

    In your travels and interactions with the locals, did you ever ask them if they’d consider rejoining mainland China? I understand that the split was purely political, but that genetically, and in terms of heritage, they are very much the same people

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