Lisbon Squares

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Lately I threw it a lot back to Lisbon on Instagram (@worldsessed), a place I truly fell in love with.

I’m working on a few posts about Lisbon. 

Where to go, what not to miss and just some pictures to make you wanna buy a ticket immediately. 

But for now, I collected some of my Instragam pictures of Lisbon and put it together for one.

So enjoy and be exited for way more blog posts. I’m so motivated currently, if I would just have more time ;) 

Oh and I can finally say I will be in Asia (for the first time) in June. I just booked my flight to Taiwan. Tomorrow I will book my flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bali.

I’m so super excited!! 

Ps: You’ll find more Squares here.

snaps of Lisbon2

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