My Travel Bucket list for 2015

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Ok, so let’s get this real. 2014 is over but you haven’t done yet, what you planned for this year. The New Year’s Resolutions failed in every possible way.

That’s why I don’t do them. I don’t want to start something new, start a new year with things in mind that tell me what I HAVE TO do or remind me all the time what’s wrong with me now. Anyway I always try to be tomorrow a better version of me than today. So my whole life is a process, and I like it that way.

But to be honest, there are a few things I really like to finally tick of my bucket list.

For example:

  • Bring my handstand to perfection
  • Being a champion on the slack line
  • running 10k (I’m working towards a half marathon – Goal for my twenties – still have 5yrs ;))
  • doing something that takes my breath away
  • go more hiking
  • ticking of some more travel destionations

Ok, well now you probably think: “You do have New Year’s resolutions, so why don’t you just say so?”

I don’t see them this way. They don’t mean that I’m not happy with myself right now, they just challenge me. They would bring the sprinkle in my already colourful world. If I don’t do them 2015, I just try them the year after and I already started last year, so why not setting a “date” to be motivated?

But my most important list for 2015 is my “Travel destinations” list.

2014 was great. I managed to travel to seven countries and saw a lot of new cities..! You can find my travel review here.

But even when there is a journey ahead I’m already planning the next one. Sometimes I have the feeling I set my goals to high, but almost everything I dreamed of this year, was working out.

So where do I want to see me this year?

To Do 2015

I could add so much more like Istanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey, Budapest, Hungary and Rome in Italy.

Ok, Now I know again what you think:

“How much vacation has she a year, and how can she afford it?”

I have 30 days off a year and 52 weekends, just like the most of you (in Europe).

I ususally just take a day off when I will be out of town and try to squeeze trips into Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Since I live in Europe it doesn’t get so expensive and for the rest, I just have to save my hard earned money. I pay it all by myself and that’s what I work for.

So let’s get 2015 started to see where I will head to. I’m also open for big changes! Is it Asia or Greece, Marocco or Ireland?

Bring it on 2015.

What are your plans for 2015? Do you have New Year’s resolutions or do you prefer to call them challenges as well? Let me know in the comments. If you don’t get to travel that much, but your feet are still itchy, try these tips, one might work just fine for you!

Where should I go

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    Jennifer @ This Off Script Life

    I currently live in Switzerland. It’s a beautiful country and definitely worth seeing. Try to visit between May and September when the weather is at its best and the skies are clear (the rest of the year tends to be overcast). Happy travels in 2015!

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    Hi Mia

    Also du hast dir ja einiges vorgenommen, als fast-schon-Meisterin auf der Slackline…
    Reiseziele hast du dir auch eine spannende Kombination ausgesucht. Das sollte doch zu schaffen sein :)

    Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall ein spannendes Jahr, und einige Reisen hast du ja schon gebucht.

    Liebe Grüsse,

    • worldsessed

      Hallo Simon,
      hehe ja danke, Fast-schon-Meisterin, damit meinst du wohl dass ich nicht mehr jedes mal runterfalle ;)
      Ja ich hoffe ich kann 80% davon abhacken am 31.12.2015.
      Hoffe du siehst einiges Tolles :)
      Grüße Mia

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    Finde es sehr tolle auf deiner Liste die Schweiz zu sehen :-). Ich mache es auch ähnlich wie du und versuche immer die Wochenende für Europatrips zu nutzen. Wobei ich auch sehr viel in der Schweiz machen. Wenn du Tipps für die Schweiz brauchst, kann ich dir gerne helfen. :-)

    • worldsessed

      Oh ja die Schweiz ist ganz oben, überleg schon immer wann ich es noch reinquetschen kann! Vllt im Mai oder Juni ein Wochenende! Welche Stadt sollte ich mir denn UNBEDINGT ansehen, bzw zuerst ansehen? :) Europa ist so perfekt für kurze Trips an den Wochenenden :)

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