Where have I been 2014?

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2014 was amazing. I had so many plans that kinda freaked me out cause I thought I’ll never gonna make this shit real. But in the past years I learned about myself, that if I really want to do something, I will do it. Sometimes I feel like looking from the outside at myself and thinking “Naaah I’m not doing it, can not imagine doing that. But wait, everytime I talk with somebody about my dreams I make them real, so maybe I really gonna do this.” And then I start to research, and just go. It started when I was 15 (or 16) and wanted to go to England so bad. Nobody wanted to come, so I just went alone, and when I realized it, it was like “Seriously, am I really doing this? WOW”. Then there was my time as an Au-Pair, coming home after 19 months (Tbh I really couldn’t imagine how life back home will be), my Solo Surf trip to Portugal, my trip to Northern Europe and Western Europe this year and so on and so on.

Even more a reason for me to love looking back where I have been so far. The end of the year is not a special day, it’s a day like all the others, but for so many of us, it’s a day full of hope for a better year or a day where you realize, what you achieved this year and how far you’ve come. It’s the one day a year, where we end things and start new and look forward to more adventures. It’s a day not very different from the others, but for all of that, its for some of us the most important day a year, some of us might not even know. Try to beome aware of what you accomplished, what you manged to do and what you saw. Try to remeber all the wonderful things and end the old year full of reliance and confidence. You did amazing, you outgrew yourself and evolved. Be happy and feel blessed for what you achieved and enjoy the start in an even better year with new challenges.

So but where have I been this year? Here is my total list: (I didn’t count day trips or business trips where I didn’t get to see anything)

1. Vienna, Austria – March

Vienna 2014

2. Seligenstadt, Germany – April

 Seligenstadt 2014

3. Hamburg, Germany – May

Hamburg 2014

4. Kiel, Germany – June

 Kiel 2014

5. Odense, Denmark – June

Odense June 2014

6. Copenhagen, Denmark – June

Copenhagen 2014

7. Malmoe, Sweden – June

Malmoe 2014

8. Mainz, Germany – August

Mainz 2014

9. Salo, Italy – August

Salo 2014

10. Barcelona, Spain – September

Barcelona 2014

12. Madrid, Spain – September

Madrid 2014

13. Lisbon, Portugal – September

Lisbon 2014

14. Sintra, Portugal – September

Sintra 2014

15. Vienna, Austria (again) – December

Vienna 2014

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