Christmas in Manhattan, NY

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Oh my god, there he is. Tall and pretty. He is shining so bright at me, it warms my heart and makes me happy just to see him. He is about 500m away from me and I’m incredible happy. I saw him often on TV and on pictures and I always wished, I could see him once in real life. Already the way to him made me nervous, I started walking faster and when I finally saw him, I froze. My eyes glared at him and I passed trumpets playing angels to get to him. I pinched myself. Yes, I’m awake. This is not a dream. He is in front of, just how I always saw him on pictures.

The probably most famous Christmas tree on earth.

Christmas in New York1

It’s 5am, I slept less than 2 hours and I just survived a 5 hour bus ride.

But still, I wasn’t tired. I was wide awake and asked my friends to go and see the tree immediately. The sun just started to rise and we probably would be all by our self.

30 min later we found out, that I was right. If you ever made a longtime dream come true, you know exactly how I felt this moment. Some of you might not get it and think it’s silly but for me it was heaven on earth.

If you ever have been to New York for Christmas, you know that you don’t need this dream to feel the magic.

As soon as the sun is up starts the city to get crowded and hectic. Everyone wants to see the tree, wants to skate on the ice underneath and take a carriage through central park. You get pushed and kicked but for all that it still seems that everybody is happy to be in exactly that moment in exactly this city, which is still magical without the Christmas charm and where dreams come true.

After we fell in love with the tree and gazed at the 5th avenue decoration did we decide to get to our Hotel and get breakfast there. We let the hustle and bustle on the streets of Manhattan begin while we calmed down. Later then we took a walk through Upper West Side (see here why I prefer this part of NYC), watched people in Central Park, lost us in the streets and rested at ‘Barnes & Noble’. At night we had tickets for the World Trade Centre Memorial and  took a quick walk over the Brookly Bridge while the cold wind tried to freeze us. Could you spend the weekend before Christmas any better?

Christmas in Manhattan24

Christmas in Manhattan23

However, I also want you to get something from this post. A little cute secret tip:

You got to imagine that. There were 5 European girls which haven’t seen real dark bread for months and more and all they wanted to have was something European to eat. So when we stumbled upon this little Swedish church in Manhattan, and our Swede wanted to have a look in it, did we find our little paradise, which sells Dark bread and Cinnamon rolls. “Little” describes it very well, but also cozy and cute. It’s in the back room of the church in a little library. It’s quite and you totally forget that you just stepped in from a street in the sleepless city. You can get for just a little enough food to be full and happy. (We paid around 2$ for a typical Swedish sandwich). If you just want coffee and privacy you are also right there. If you feel now uncomfortable about the fact that is in the back room of a church I can tell you, that it doesn’t feel like a church. They don’t pray in the café nor do they ask you to join the service. The only thing that reminds of a church are the wooden furniture’s and the calmness in the room, which booth fits well together and glamorize everything. And there it is a again. The glamour and the magic which only can Manhattan reflect this way.

Unfortunatley I didn’t have my DSLR by then so the picutres aren’t the best, but you’ll still find the magic.

Christmas in Manhattan15

Christmas in Manhattan9

Christmas in Manhattan13

Christmas in Manhattan 5

Christmas in Manhattan16Christmas in Manhattan14Crhistmas in Manhattan17Christmas in Manhattan

Christmas in Manhattan22

Christmas in Manhattan11

Christmas in Manhattan21

Christmas in Manhattan19

Christmas in Manhattan4

Christmas in Manhattan6

Christmas in Manhattan20

Christmas in Manhattan10

Christmas in Manhattan18Christmas in Manhattan 1

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