Lake Spitzing in Bavaria

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There´s no such thing as a perfect day for me. So many days have been already perfect, and I´m sure more will come.

I had one of these perfect days in “Spitzingsee” (Lake Spitzing in Bavaria). This lake has its home in the mountains and is a part of the city “Schliersee”. Right on the Spitzingsee is a town with the same name with around 200 hundreds citizens.


I took two days off from work, but I don´t like to spend these Off-days at home. Almost every day I took off this year, did I spend in an foreign country or city, so these two too. The first day I´ve been to “Rosenheim” (my mum grow up there, so I know it pretty well, but I get out of my daily life) and the 2nd we were at the lake.

I could convince my mum to hike with me, and it was her idea to go there. In winter you can not only hike, you can also take the sled down the mountain or go skiing.

So we decided to go up the mountain. First stop was the “Untere Firstalm” (lower Firstalm [Alm: little house in the mountains where you can take a rest and get food and drinks]) and after that we kept hiking to the “obere Firstalm” (Upper Firstalm). Booth are open during the whole year, and they are just closed one day a year: Christmas.

Already the view in the car was amazing. The weather gods meant it good with us, it was amazing (and hello it was October 31st).


So when we arrived at the parking lot (4€) we´re welcomed by a lot sun shine and even more SNOW.

This is an absoulte dream for me as I´m a total snow freak.

Equipped with our mountain boots, warm cloth and the perfect Snow-Sun combination, surrounded by all kinds of mountaintops we started our way up.

Under our feet the snow, above us the sun and around us the mountains.

We got lunch at the first ‘Alm’ after our little trek which is not hard, and everybody can do this. Almost.

Right next to this Alm is a slope for winter, but ski tourer already uses it now, and a crazy couple with a child, which hiked up the slope and took a plastic bag to slide down. AND a couple with a buggy, yeah a Buggy, on a slope which is steep enough to ski on it. You can imagine how confused we were.


After our little break, which included many laughter, we continued our hike to the second ‘Alm’. We had to walk through the snow. (BTW this alm has more food to choose from). We had another little break in the deck chair and enjoyed the sun. Oh and I built my first snowman this year.

The way down is pretty easy and in winter you can take the sled here, but you have to take care, cause the people by foot use the same way.

The icing on the cake was the sunset on the way home.

I guess it’s safe to say, that this day was perfect.


Some Informations:

Spitzingsee belongs to Schliersse. Booth are little towns, located on the same-named lake. While Spitzingsee has only around 200 citizens, Schliersee has almost 7.000, which is followed by many more restaurants, cafes and shops.

Booth lakes are great to walk around, in summer as in winter. If it is freezing cold, it happens that one of these lakes will be frozen, so you can walk and ice skate on it.

Because they are surrounded by mountains it’s nice to take your mountain boots and just hike and summit. In winter you can find some ski lifts and the possibility to take a sled.

It´s worth it, to spend there a whole weekend, relax, leave your cares behind and enjoy the nature.

You can find more information here: and here:

Some pictures of this amazing day:


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