London Impressions

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Have you been to London before or are you still dreaming of it?

I already had the chance to live this dream two times. It´s one of the most amazing capitals in Europe.

England is my favourite country, i love the coast, the countryside, their houses and the atmosphere.

London tries to be exactly that, just with a big city feeling and everybody will fall badly in love.

Here are some pictures for you. They are from my visit in May 2013 when I visited friends there.

Maybe that´s a reason for you now, to book a ticket to London? I hope I could impress you.

Oh and M I A  Photography is me, since I´m trying to do some Photography, and as always, these are all my pictures :)

London impressions 17 London picture85622620

So, when is your flight going?

Let me know why YOU love London.

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  1. Roaming Renegades

    Great photos, you really captured the atmosphere and details of London. It’s a city we really love too but it’s funny you love England so much but for me as a brit I have a love affair with Germany and German speaking countries! :-)

    • worldsessed

      Thank you.. Yeah England is great, but you always love the places where you don’t live more ;) But yes German speaking countries are amazing as well. You have the great coast, we have the great mountains :)

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